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What we’re about

 Welcome to Metamorphosis - A relaxed social group for people from all walks of life looking for friendship and fun in a comfortable place while you find and spread your wings.  

Metamorphosis a peer led social, activity and support group for survivors and fighters of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, emotional trauma, abuse and more, to provide opportunities to socialize and grow.

Find: friends, support and self care opportunities with other fighters and survivors of emotional trauma, PTSD, abuse, narcissists, NVS, PAS, depression, anxiety, invisible illnesses, and more; who would like to form real friendships, benefit from shared support, remember how to have fun and remember themselves. 

"According to science, friends can make us happier, healthier, and yes, even more beautiful. Recent research has tied friendship to major health benefits, including living longer and having better mental health."

People end up in need of new friends later in life for many reasons. In a city the size of Vancouver, lonely wears many faces. It could be someone sitting right next to you. 

Both by nature and nurture we are social animals, but for one reason or another, we can end up in the GVRD feeling alone and overwhelmed; just wanting to smile and have some fun. 

  Life is tough enough without feeling alone. We live in a self isolating world of experiences that range from moving here for school/work, to divorced without friends, to abuse survivors, PTSD and emotional trauma victims and survivors, and everything in between.  
 Life can throw some nasty people and a situations our way. We can end up suddenly feeling isolated. Mix that with a city the size of Vancouver and it's really no wonder that many people get shut in their cocoons or hermit shells after trauma.  

(Trauma is the result of your brain's inability to cope with a deeply distressing or disturbing experience'.  Trauma does not have to be literally earth shattering to rattle the ground you thought you were standing on. It's subjective; what might be bearable for one person is overwhelming stress to another. )

 Everyone has a right to their own pain and difficulties.  No one has a right to judge. 

Everyone deserves to have fun. We don’t think having a dragon or two to slay should stand in the way of joining a meetup and remembering how to smile. Life is real and we understand (or at least we try really hard). Everyone needs friends and fun! Let's find time to enjoy Vancouver together. 

🐛We are about:

Fun, friendship, support, conversation, coffee/tea, movies, adult coloring, outdoors, games, walks, picnics, potlucks, bowling, movies, concerts, theatres, shows, local attractions, fairs, festivals, parades and events, dining out, movies, hikes, beaches, parks, coloring cafes, philosophy, volunteering, community action, books, cooking, crafts, coloring, stress relief, bowling, go karting, concerts, sports, mentor-ships, archery, runs, canoeing, kayaks, bike riding, camping, guest speakers, community support, people helping people, ...and as much as you can possibly come up with and would like to do :)

If you are shy, anxious, orphaned, suffer ptsd, depression, battle invisible illnesses or toxic family issues, you've had a lousy day, or you have the strength to offer s shoulder ... it’s time for self care! 


Humble beginnings:

The community is in it's infancy and is give and take. Please feel free to host an event.   Come out and have some fun, do something fun and take someone with you, offer outting suggestions or host your own event. If you are going somewhere and would like some company or would like to host an event, please do. The group will be what is put into it.

 "Be the change you wish to see in the world" ghandi

Aside from being an adult group, we have no age requirements. We prefer to be a somewhat active, fun loving group to help people to enjoy themselves and others.

Who is this group for? Just about anyone.

❔Have you been on the receiving end of “something that has deeply affected your life and well-being”?
❔Did a relationship in your life dissolve and your friends or group of couples friends went along with it?
❔Do you find yourself a lonely transplant in a big city looking to connect with genuine people interested in fun and friendship with real people?
❔Are you tired of “faking it” for the rest of the world that is ironically only surface deep? 

❔Are you fighting or recovered from any trauma or anxiety and feel isolated? 

❔ Would you like to meet others who have shared some of your experiences - people who "get it"?
❔Do you want to help others and benefit from shared strength? 

❔Do you want to reconnect with yourself and others with fun and heart?
❔Do you want to get out and enjoy all this amazing place has to offer, just not on your own?

✔Yes to any?  YOU are a fighter and survivor and you are working on the best you that you can be! Welcome to the group for friendship, fun, self care and community support. Welcome to Metamorphosis!!

🐛Rules and comfort: ⚠
This meetup site/group is a safe place for people to feel comfortable, have fun and form real friendships. While we understand, over time, relationships can blossom out of friendships, that is far different than hitting on people or making them feel uncomfortable. Any rude or insensitive comments, events or people will be removed from the group without hesitation.

🐛Future of the group: 📰 

Metamorphosis is a Community Support Group for Positive Mental and Physical Recovery From Abuse & Anxiety. 
If i can recover myself enough, I hope that this group will be able to end up with many hosts in all the areas of the GVRD and enough sub groups for emotional trauma which I can occasionally book speakers or professionals for help on:  PTSD, Narcissistic, abuse, divorce, PAS, recovery, stress relief, diet, anxiety, depression, wellness topics and more. If you have experience and wisdom to share, do not hesitate to contact me or set up your own event!

🐛Advertising/ Marketing/Networking:🚫

Simple answer. NO
The business rules are simple and to be expanded soon. The simple answer is, this is not a networking or marketing site and will not be used as such. Any event that looks like it’s only purpose is to support a business will be pulled. This meetup is about people. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Membership will be terminated without question if you are on this site to pick people up or be creepy and all your contact information will be forwarded onto meetup for other possible bans.

The group's content is set to protect the privacy of the members posts and personal information from people who are not a part of the group.  You will be able to see basic information, the "about us" group information and some coming events to help you in your decision making.