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Kyushu is known as one of the very best sushi places in town. But they are also one of the smallest. In the past they've been much too small for a group like ours. But they're recently expanded. On the other hand, they still aren't all that big, and they are only willing to give me 12 seats on a Thursday evening. Since this is almost certain to be a "sell out", I'm going to try running it a little different from usual.

First off, members are only allowed to RSVP for themselves. If you want to being a significant other let me know who they are (significant other?) and why they aren't a member and RSVPing for themselves. I'll take them on a case-by-case basis and add them in manually if appropriate.

Second, there are a few members out there who have a habit of RSVPing, then not showing up at all, or changing to "no" at the last minute. Since we are so limited on attendance I may take this into account when managing the wait list, and move a habitual no-show to the wait list. I'd hate to have someone not show up while someone who really wanted to attend, and would actually show up, gets left out.

And third, we sometimes have people who don't RSVP but show up anyway, figuring someone else won't make it. That tactic probably won't work this time, and will probably be frowned upon.

Finally, if we have enough demand I may schedule another meetup soon for those who want to go to this one and can't make it. If I do preference will be given to those who couldn't make it this time.

Hopefully this won't be as much trouble as I fear, but I want to prepare for the worst.

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