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Hello everyone,

I know that you were planning to attend a meetup up at Sushi Bento Japanese Steakhouse in Bristol. Unfortunately, this establishment appears to have gone out of business. I called three times and no one answered. I even went by and the lights are off, and it looks abandoned. I knew that the owner had been struggling, so I wanted to try to provide him with business, but after a bit more than a year, it looks like he just had to pack it in.

I am going to change this meetup to Sakura in Bensalem. Sakura offers several rolls at 50 percent off all day, every day. I have been eating at Sakura for five years, and I have never had a roll wilt or fall apart. Please note that Sakura is a BYOB.

Sakura doesn't take reservations for groups smaller than four people. I will wait a day to see who can make it, given the unexpected venue change. I will then update on payment preferences, etc.

Thank you.

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