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San Diego's Water Future - the need for a new ethic

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In April 2012, the City Council voted to form the Water Policy Implementation Task Force. The policy initiative is a cohesive strategy designed to meet San Diego's long-term water needs by reforming rate structures, developing incentives for conservation and embracing cutting-edge technologies such as advanced water treatment. The 11-member task force includes industry leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, will develop specific goals, timelines and measurements of success.

The Task Force recommendations are now being considered by the City Council.

The goals include:

1. The Reduction of Total Imported Water
2. Increase in Total Recycled Water
3. Recycling Storm Water
4. Mitigating Environmental Consequences
5. Reduction in Use

This issue will define the livability and sustainability of San Diego going forward. Join us for an evening to review the TEDx video on this topic - and a deeper dialogue with 2 top leaders in our water community.

Cary Lowe
Land Use Attorney and Mediator
Law office of Cary Lowe

Cary D. Lowe co-chaired the Water Policy Implementation Task Force, is a California land use lawyer, with 35 years of experience representing property owners, land developers, builders, public agencies, Indian tribes, citizen groups and non-profit organizations, in connection with a broad range of land use and environmental issues. In addition to being an attorney, Mr. Lowe holds a Ph.D. in urban planning and has been admitted to the American Institute of Certified Planners. He is known among real estate developers, environmental organizations and public agencies for his extensive knowledge of land use issues and his ability to bring together adverse interests in complex disputes

Ken Weinberg
Director of water resources
San Diego County Water Authority

Ken Weinberg directs the San Diego County Water Authority's long-term water supply and facilities planning and water resources management, including the development of regional local supply projects such as seawater desalination. The Water Resources Department is responsible for implementing the Water Authority's Water Shortage and Drought Management Plan. The department also ensures the Water Authority's projects comply with environmental regulations and assists the agency's 24 member agencies in planning and implementing local water resources projects. In addition, the department along with staff from the city of San Diego and the county of San Diego, has been working with numerous governmental and non-governmental stakeholders on the development and management of the San Diego Integrated Regional Water Management program (IRWM) and related Grants Administration Program for IRWM and managing grants for the Water Authority as a whole.