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Dart + Glass = Awesome!

Winning the inaugural Breaking Glass hackathon, Adam Singer and his team of Dart enthusiasts ported the classic arcade game Frogger (aptly named GlassFrogger) in 48 hours. Adam will come to share the story of his team's preparation for the hackathon & the events that unfolded (and all this with a deep dive into the Dart code (

Bio: Adam Singer is a software engineer who embraces the free and open source world of Dart programming. His professional life has been geared towards development of casino games, systems, and casino inventions while living in Las Vegas. Currently in San Francisco, his interests are highly focused on Dart development and the open source community surrounding it.



There will also be an informal session where Seth Ladd and Shailen Tuli of the Dart team will be available to answer any questions you have about Dart.