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Startup Boot Camp: Relevant Training for

Tech Entrepreneurs

We are proud to present Saturday June 29, 2013 an Entrepreneurial Boot Camp! This Boot Camp is specifically designed for start-ups and covers topics that are relevant for any technology company. Our speakers are passionate and deeply engaged in their specific area of expertise. We look forward to having you!

>>> Content <<<

- Enterprise Mobile Publication

- UX Design

- New Revenue Models

- Founder's Issues

- Intellectual Property

- Start-up Success Story

- Start-up Funding

=== Agenda ===

1PM Doors Open

1:00PM - 1:30PM Networking

1:30PM Sessions Start

4:30 PM Sessions End

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM Wrap-Up Q&A & Networking

=== Speakers ===

Each session will be approximately 30min.

Duc Haba, Founder and CEO of Swiftbot
Tom Mikovic, Founder of ThomMilkovic
Danny Bin, Co-Founder of Spreeify Ryan Nier, Founder of Radius and IP Tech and Privacy Attorney
Mike Loftus, Angels Forum David Cao, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of SVEntrepreneurs & Startups, Founder & CEO at GWC, Earlier Stage Mobile Angel Investor === Details ===

Enterprise Mobile Publication - Duc will cover the rise of mobile app worldwide revenue and demographic usage. This will be followed by a discussion on the difference between mobile app and eBook format. Lastly, he will discuss the role of social media interfacing with enterprise mobile publication.

By Duc Haba (, Founder & CEO of Swiftbot Inc. (

Prior to founding Swiftbot Inc., Duc was the CTO at Motally Inc., a mobile analytics company that was eventually acquired by Nokia in August 2010. Duc began his career at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and XSoft division where he was a recognized leader in A.I. (6 patents filed). Notably, he was a founding member of Viant Inc., co-founder of the original, and a principal at Oracle where he is the first one to code the first Oracle Website. He is an avid morning swimmer.

AdVersity: How Innovative UX Thinking May Solve the Inefficiencies of Display Advertising

By Thom Milkovic, Founder of ThomMilkovic (

Join Thom Milkovic as he discusses how the latest thoughts in UX design could provide answers to the challenges that ineffective display banner ads are facing, as well as open opportunities to new revenue models.

For two decades, Thom has guided creative groups and development teams, as well as worked hands-on with all types of UX design and development tactics in mobile and Web. He consistently brings one fundamental philosophical approach into all his results…every little detail communicates a critical piece of the overarching story.

Thom has helped a variety of startups and mid-sized clients attain their targeted goals, as well as consulted with brands such as SAP, TRX, CNN, UPS, Citrix, Samsung, Mapquest, Holiday Inn, Original Gutterguard, and, more recently, Geocaching.

**Entrepreneur Success Story**
By Danny Bin, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Spreeify

Hear Danny Bin tell his entrepreneur success story in further detail. In a nutshell, Danny launched his first online e-commerce startup at the age of seventeen; generated $50,000 in profits in two years; invested the proceeds in various equities; realized 30% gain in three years, then he diversified his investments into real estate by purchasing his first rental property at the age of twenty-three. At which time, Danny made his switch into the tech industry; self-taught several programming languages and piloted another tech startup at the age of twenty-four.

Since then, Danny has been working on two more startups in addition to his full-time position at local technology company.

Intellectual Property and Data Theft Concerns for Start-ups

By Ryan Nier, Founder of Radius, IP Tech & Privacy Attorney

Ryan Nier will cover the basics of intellectual property including patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. He will also go over pressing data theft concerns for startups and discuss a variety of ways in which startups can better protect their data.

Ryan Nier is an IP/tech/privacy attorney with a prior life in product design and programming. Before attending law school, Ryan spent a few years doing web design and a few years coding ASP/HTML/CSS/SQL for an internet start-up. Three years ago, Ryan decided that he wanted to get back in the game. Since then, he has been working on a variety of concepts and products to solve problems that affect me in my everyday his everyday life.

Startup Funding

By David Cao, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Founder of SVEntrepreneurs & Startups, Founder & CEO, GWC (US)

David Cao is the Founder of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and Startups, one of the largest offline technology communities in Silicon Valley. David has organized hundreds of Demo and Boot Camp events for entrepreneurs. He is the producer of the Global Mobile Internet Conference and recently organized Silicon Valley Startup Weekend in June of 2013. David is also the Founder and CEO of GWC - US, a company that provides professional services for mobile industry leaders around the world.

David is an early stage mobile investor. Prior to moving to the US, David was a computer science professor at Xidian University in China.