Week 3 : Build Your Dream Product : Build, Test, Deploy & Run


This is a learning and networking event for DEVELOPERS, INNOVATORS & COLLABORATORS.

Developers, technologists, researchers, etc. who would like to team up to share knowldege and experience, seek/offer advice or simply learn about the latest and greatest tools and technologies are all welcome.


1. Fill out LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdi40FJluovL4pkCqvYerGJdsA6Pd2-eBijvCQ0iOO9ANgQFg/viewform) (<=CLICK NOW)

2. Six hours before the event, check your match-up email.

3. At the event, watch presentations and meet your matches.



05:30 PM Networking

06:30 PM Opening & Introduction

06:40 PM 1-2 speakers make educational (20 min each incl. Q&A)

07:30 PM Networking

08:00 PM Closing

Participants will be nominated by a panel of seed investors. Final schedule of presentations will be listed a day or two before the event.


SPEAKERS (in alphabetical order) :

Speaker : Anar Mammadov ( https://www.meetup.com/Software-Design-Modeling-and-Prototyping-in-Silicon-Valley/members/198671011/ )

Topic : "Analysis, Concept Design, and Prototyping for innovative ideas, software products"

There’s NO BAR of any kind — location, age, education, profession, etc. — to attend/participate in this event. It's FREE.


INNOVATORS, who find themselves in tough situations akin to the following, are likely to gain from the event :
- Aiming to build a product, but lacking knowledge and resources
- Have a lean startup, so have a very low budget to spend on development, engineering and R&D.
- Want to learn about open-source alternatives because the team has no budget.
- Want to learn about free stuff - APIs, tools & technologies.
- Not sure about what technology is the right to use and have no idea how to start.
- Need to re-design the product to improve customer experience, but do not have the skills.
- Existing tools do not have the functionality, so need advanced tools.
- Business has stalled due to a critical issue, the team lacks experience to address the issue.
- Caught with a bottleneck technical problem, do not know how to overcome it.
- Business is dependent on ever changing technology landscape, but do not know how to cope with change.
- Working on a project, but do not have all the skills.
- Business is evolving, so need to improve the services to meet the growing expectation of customers.
- Looking for an ecosystem that opens up avenues to brainstorm, design, build and grow business.
- Want to learn how to constantly improve the innovation culture and process in your lean startup.
- Have to solve technology problems.


Maria Hernandez

Gabriel Plasencia, Block Advisors