• Intro to Flutter and Flutter for iOS

    Wacky Races - Google Bldg SB45

    Thanks Nilay Yener for planning our August meetup! Agenda: 6:00 - 7:00 - Check-in - food 7:00 - 8:00 - Introduction to Flutter + live coding - Filip Hracek 8:00 - 9:00 - Flutter for iOS - Xiao Yu Introduction to Flutter + live coding, Filip Hracek, Google Flutter is a new mobile app SDK that approaches apps like Unity approaches games. In this talk, we'll look at the fundamentals of Flutter, and we'll give the SDK a spin by implementing an app from scratch. Filip Hracek speaks, writes articles and builds sample code for Google and, more specifically, for Flutter and Dart. Previously, he lead Google's developer relations program in Central and Eastern Europe. Prior to Google, Filip was an independent IT instructor. In his spare time, he builds games, reads books, and occasionally enjoys pancakes. Flutter for iOS, Xiao Yu, Google How Flutter fits into a native iOS build system and how Flutter builds iOS-styled apps. In this talk, we will explore a number of bundled widgets available to rapidly create an iOS app. Xiao Yu was a mobile developer for 7 years. Prior to Google, he worked in a mobile design agency creating apps on various platforms. At Google, he developed the YouTube Android client and is currently an engineer in the Flutter framework team.

  • “Defensive Pessimism” to Build Great Software / Image Recognition with Watson

    Using “Defensive Pessimism” to Build Great Software at YML Adam Talcott, Edward Cessna, and Ramsundar Shandilya, Y Media Labs At YML, we take pride in creating great software as part of our mission to make digital products and experiences which have lasting impact. An important part of our process is anticipating the various scenarios our software may face and taking those scenarios into account from design through deployment and beyond. At YML, we refer to this concept as “defensive pessimism”. After introducing YML, a customer experience design and technology agency with a vision of becoming our clients’ most valued partner, we will dive into defensive pessimism. We will discuss the ramifications for design and review examples of user experiences created with defensive pessimism in mind. We will also cover the resulting architecture considerations and the impact on reliability. We will close by recapping some of the more interesting updates from WWDC 2018, held the previous week in San Jose. Augmenting Experiences with Visual Recognition Sam Couch, developer advocate @ IBM Exploring ways to use image recognition to create dynamic and engaging experiences for users to interact with both the world around them and our apps With Watson Visual Recognition you can build custom image classifiers and deploy the models directly into your app. Integrating your custom models directly into your app with Core ML takes only a few lines of code and can create dynamic and engaging experiences for your users. This talk will cover how Watson integrates with Core ML as well as explore potential applications of visual recognition in iOS apps.

  • Meetup at IBM in Foster City: MVC and OpenAPI for iOS developers

    IBM Innovation Center (4th floor)

    We'll have two talks at our May meetup: Massive View Controllers (and how to avoid them!) by Zubair Asgar Model View Controller (MVC) is often considered the source of massive view controllers. The architectural pattern is often given a back seat because of this and other patterns such as VIPER or MVVM are introduced to projects instead. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using any of these patterns, and the problem of massive view controllers is a consequence of poor separation of concerns. This talk will discuss specific measures that will enable us to use MVC to write lean view controllers, without sacrificing any behavior. In addition, we’ll discover how to write unit and UI tests for an MVC architecture and if we have time, we’ll learn some more tips and tricks. Zubair Asgar is a software engineer specialized in iOS development. Today, Zubair enjoys building great products and believes in augmenting life with technology. Intro to OpenAPI for iOS developers - Erin McKean We'll talk about OpenAPI Specification and how we can use it to build better apps. Erin McKean is a Developer Advocate at IBM and as the founder and CEO of Wordnik, Erin was the first executive to say "yes" to OpenAPI.

  • iOS Code Signing with Derek Selander in Sunnyvale

    Google Moffett Place MP3 - Raster Tech Talk

    Code signing is often viewed as a black box for many of us iOS developers. This mystical beast can bare its fangs when Xcode does something stupid or when one of our certificates expire. This talk will explore the lovely dance between certificates, entitlements and provisioning profiles and show you code signing is not all that scary. In addition, we'll look at some cool things we can do using this knowledge. For example, we'll look at how we can inject code into an already compiled iOS application and even change a RELEASE App Store build back into a "debuggable" build. In the event there's time left over, we'll look at some crazy stuff we can do with some LLDB scripts... Links: mobdevim, command line utility for installing/querying apps on iOS device (https://github.com/derekselander/mobdevim) LLDB helper scripts (https://github.com/derekselander/lldb) jtool by Jonathan Levin (http://www.newosxbook.com/tools/jtool.html)

  • Outside Event in Sunnyvale: Swift Cloud Workshop 3

    Google Tech Corners 2

    Swift "Everywhere Else" Since Swift was announced in 2014, it's changed the way iOS developers work. In 2015, support for Linux was announced, and Swift runs all over the place now. This is an event dedicated to how people run Swift everywhere. Come join us for a day of learning, hacking, and prizes! Swift enthusiasts across all programming levels are encouraged to attend this free event. Register at https://www.swiftcloudwork.shop/

  • iOS Developers’ Holiday Get Together

    St. Stephen's Green

    Come and be merry with your fellow iOS developers! No talks this month, just a chance to get together before Christmas. No host bar.

  • Casual Creators: Serious AI Support for Casual Creativity

    Google Moffett Place MP3 - Raster Tech Talk

    In recent years we have seen a flourishing of apps for “casual” creativity, fun and explorative creativity rather than task-completion. Creativity apps to make pottery, music, and Mario levels are bringing creativity to audiences outside of professional creative workers, but making this move requires new design patterns and best practices. Kate Compton will present some of her favorite new patterns that make these apps successful, and demonstrates them with new interactive prototypes. Kate Compton is a long-time generative artist and programmer. She wrote the first paper on procedural platformer levels, generated the planets for Spore, and developed the language Tracery, and is now a PhD candidate at UC Santa Cruz developing artificial intelligence to augment human creativity.

  • We're Not Dead yet! The Case for Age-Friendly Design

    Ford Research & Innovation Center

    Millennials may have officially replaced Boomers as the largest age group in the US, but there are currently over 111 million people in the US aged 50+. This cohort came of age before personal computers were even a thing. Being of a different technology generation and experiencing normal age-related changes, present older people with significant challenges in navigating our ever-evolving technology environment. This talk: 1. presents some important facts about age demographics; 2. gives an overview of sensory and cognitive changes that often occur with aging; 3. offers some basic age-friendly design guidelines. Speaker Bio: Long, long ago, Kate Finn designed user interfaces. Not so long ago, but for a long time, she did usability evaluation on user interfaces designed by other folks. Most recently, she has been researching the usability of various digital interfaces with the older (50+) user in mind. Kate and her co-author, Jeff Johnson, recently published Designing User Interfaces for an Aging Population (Morgan Kaufmann, 2017). Thank you to our hosts at Ford Research & Innovation Center in Palo Alto!

  • SAP Cloud for Mobile Backend Services and SAP Cloud Platform SDK

    In July, we'll be meeting at SAP. For those of us iOS developers who have done or are interested in doing enterprise apps, at WWDC SAP and Apple provided an update on their partnership announced in 2016 with the launch of the SAP/Apple iOS SDK in March of this year. Mobile Backend Services on the SAP Cloud Platform: In this session we will introduce the SAP Cloud Platform, focusing on backend services and integration useful for building enterprise mobile apps. We’ll discuss unique challenges faced by enterprise mobile developers and introduce tools that help them build high quality mobile apps, touching on the end to end lifecycle from development to test and production. Speaker: Krishna Sunkammurali is a Product Manager on the Mobility Services of SAP Cloud Platform and been with SAP for about 3 years. He has more than 15+ years of experience in building innovative software products and services across many world-class companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Citrix and a startup. After spending more than decade in soggy Seattle he decided to move to Bay Area about six years back. SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS: In 2016, Apple and SAP announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize the mobile work experience for enterprise customers of all sizes, combining powerful native apps for iPhone and iPad. This March, the first fruits of this effort were realized with the general availability of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, and jointly developed training through the SAP Academy for iOS. In this session we will give an overview of the iOS SDK and associated tooling, and the Fiori Design Language- the underlying UX paradigm for the SDK UX components. Speaker: Eric Solberg is a Product Manager for the SAP User Experience Platform and been with SAP for almost 12 years. Eric has 20+ years experience as a full-stack developer, software architect, development manager and CTO from garage-based startups to leading enterprise software companies including PeopleSoft and Oracle. Eric got his start in Southern California, then moved to Silicon Valley as the internet was exploding on the scene in 1999.

  • At Samsung in Mt View


    An Autolayout Perspective at Samsung Electronics America in MV Join us in June for presentations about how Samsung uses iOS! Qi Cui, an iOS Developer, will be sharing some experiences about how to use ‘AutoLayout’ to help to develop in an efficient way and handle different devices, orientations, and languages in an easy way. We'll have pizza, cookies, soft drinks and great networking opportunities. There's also a "VizBot" that you'll just have to meet. Note our early (6pm) start time! Samsung's office at 645 Clyde Ave, MV, 6-8pm. There's ample parking outside in the visitor area or inside in the parking garages. Please use the entrance in the back of the building.