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Event Description

After a long hiatus, we have a really great talk lined up.

ABSTRACT: When JavaFX Script was released, the mobile component was an important part. It was also one of the reasons many people and analysts believed in JavaFX as a real cross-platform client-side framework. For a number of reasons, JavaFX on mobile disappeared from the official Java roadmap. Fortunately, the OpenJFX team at Oracle made all the required sources available, and the JavaFXPorts initiative worked on providing JavaFX SDK's for the mobile platforms. In this session, we will show the current state of JavaFX on Mobile. We will show how to create a real cross-platform JavaFX Application using an IDE, and how easy it actually is to deploy that application on Android and iOS devices. We will show some of the features and limitations, and talk about the eco-system that is starting to take shape.

You won't want to miss this one.

About the Speaker

Johan Vos

BIO:Johan Vos is a Java Champion who started his Java carreer in 1995 by porting Java to Linux/SPARC systems, as part of the Blackdown team. He is mainly working on combining client-side Java (JavaFX) with Enterprise Java (Java EE). In 2014, he started the JavaFXPorts project for coordinating the ports of JavaFX to mobile platforms (iOS and Android). In 2015, he co-founded Gluon, a company providing products, services and professional support for JavaFX in general and JavaFX on mobile in particular. He is one of the authors of Pro JavaFX 2 and Pro JavaFX 8.

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5:00-5:30pm Arrive & mingle -- Food & drinks provided by Oracle

5:30-7:00pm Main Talk followed by Q&A

7:00 Evacuate the Building

Prizes and Sponsorship
We also have some great prizes to give away, including:

An IntelliJ Ultimate Edition license (~$500 value)

Technical books including Pro JavaFX Platform (

Premium swag for everyone who walks in the door!

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