jpro : JavaFX in the Browser with NO PLUGINS

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Event Description

This session presents how to develop with the new, award winning product, named jpro. jpro represents a new and disruptive technology, which enables java programs to run in standard web-browsers without any need of a plugin. jpro let’s java programmers write applications, based on ONE source, targeted for a variety of platforms, including desktops, mobile devices AND standard web browsers. Attendees will learn how to use java to interoperate with other web technologies for developing business applications running as Oracle Cloud Services.

The presentation will mainly contain

- Introduction to the jpro architecture
- jpro with the Oracle Cloud Services
- How to develop with jpro
- Application Demos
- A small Live Coding Demo

jpro won the 2016 Duke's Choice award at JavaOne.

About the Speaker

Hans-Henry Sandbaek

Hans-Henry Sandbaek is a technology focused computer scientist and entrepreneur based in Munich Germany. He is the main inventor and founder of jpro, which was launched and awarded at JavaONE 2016. Before jpro, he invented a new java based development platform, called SimpleFX, dedicated to declarative and reactive functional programming. Before moving his innovation focus to java based internet solutions he had a long track record as a visionary product architect for enterprise multimedia systems for the TV-industry, being the founder of several market leading products running at large Media Houses world wide.

Florian Kirmaier

Florian Kirmaier is the CTO of pro technologies AG and the owner of the research and development process of jpro. Florian is a massively dedicated young computer scientist from Munich Germany, who loves not only Java, but also other jvm-based languages such as Clojure, Groovy and Kotlin, with Scala being his absolute favorite. The success of jpro comes because of Florian’s exceptional research and implementation skills and his abilities regarding writing concise and efficient source code.

Watching the Live Stream Online

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6:00-7:00pm Arrive & mingle -- Food & drinks provided by Oracle

7:00 - 8:00pm Main Talk followed by Q&A

8:00 Evacuate the Building

Prizes and Sponsorship
We also have some great prizes to give away, including:

An IntelliJ Ultimate Edition license ($350 value)

Technical books

Premium swag for everyone who walks in the door!

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