[PAID] AI Bootcamp-2: End to End Deep Learning for Computer Vision - SF/Bay

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End to End Deep Learning for Computer Vision - 2 day in-person instructor led hands-on workshop, taught by Google AI Engineer.

Early bird tickets (50% off) is on sale until 8/1 . Group (5+) discount is available. This is paid workshop/bootcamp, you must buy ticket here:

This two day immersive instructor-led training will teach everything you need to know to become a software engineer in computer vision and deep learning! You will learn:

* Recognize problems that can be solved with deep learning and Select the right technique for the problems.
* Master deep learning algorithms, models and computer vision tech
* Master the most popular tools like numpy, Keras, Tensorflow, and openCV
* Master google cloud machine learning pipelines

The course is packed with practical exercises and code labs which are based on real-life examples. not only will you learn the theory, but you will also get hands-on practice building your own models, tuning models, and serving models.

* Practical walkthroughs that present solutions to actual, real-world image classification problems and challenges.
* Hands-on tutorials (with lots of code) that not only show you the algorithms behind deep learning for computer vision but their implementations as well.
* A no-nonsense teaching style that is guaranteed to cut through all the cruft and help you master deep learning for image understanding and visual recognition.
* End to end machine learning pipeline from building models to deploy and serve models
* Limited to 50 students
* Breakfast, lunch and coffee/snack breaks


photos of previous workshops: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nextcon/albums

Date and Locations:
* 6/15-16 in Seattle
* 8/6-7 in Portland
* 8/22-23 in San Francisco

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