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Cine-verse-- (Movie): Poetry

This Meetup is past


Each Weds. night at 7 PM ---offered through Oak Lawn Park district (held at Oak view)-- Erik (volunteer teacher) leads class where we first view various films (often old classics) & discussion to follow on film, everyone gets chance to speak.
It's FREE & open to everyone!!!
He rotates films from members lists often taking his own few turns to highlight his own tastes.
NO commitment, you come if/when you care to. You of course can view schedule (as we all do) and cherry pick IF there's something of interest to you that might merit informative chat afterward. I know you might learn something (if open to it), Erik comes packed with information. Or just sit back & enjoy, nothing more (no grades!)

I've been absent for yr. or so (I am not regular attender) however I am BACK into rotation, I have a TURN (again, he plays one member's pick each week) so thought I'd list my movie selection which is on schedule this night.
Maybe you're interested & can make it.

No surprise it's foreign (yes subtitles unless you're Korean or know language in which case you don't have to READ.... still trust me, NOT too intrusive! Only about a third on my list are foreign but for whatever reason he keeps choosing them).
Still I got to admit, I think this ones almost a masterpiece myself----again IF you like this sort of different & contemplative flavor of movie (added bonus, there's something to learn about Asian culture along the way).


A sixty-something woman, faced with a crippling medical diagnosis and the discovery of a heinous family crime, finds strength and purpose when she enrolls in a poetry class. Lee Chang-dong's follow-up to his acclaimed Secret Sunshine is a masterful study of the subtle empowerment - and moral compass - of an elderly woman. -- (C) Kino

Unrated, 2 hr. 19 min.
Art House & International, Drama

ALSO worthwhile to note, Cineverse website:

You can open schedule there....if you do forewarned, it's NEVER SO many horror films, not sure what's up with him for Halloween or what but members faces looked rather stunned when schedule came out last week! Typically there's an enormous variety for all tastes & paletes.

Last but not least, wouldn't be complete if I failed to add this....again outstanding Critic (as well as user) Reviews:

I WILL be there at least by 6:45 & provide cell as always...promise it will be on once I arrive (depending on weather, hope to bike there, it will NOT be on then but soon as I arrive).

It is typically held IN THE THEATER if a play is not on schedule, however, he DOES post a sign on a dry-erase board at entrance to building saying where we are ...sometimes if necessary it may be moved another room.
YOU CAN CALL me IF you don't see this sign but it's at main entrance.

Any confusion, PLEASE just CALL ME!!

So if you're home in time to join us, feel free to come over & test out this option. It could be fun & this particular film is, without question, thought-provoking.

Again, hope to see some ladies there, always worth exploring another experience, not much down side. Even in worst case scenario, if you come away finding my pick NOT your cup of tea--pun intended--I hope you find something to appreciate! And it's another chance to visit after all.

As always, TMI but---at least it's my hope--better than not enough!!


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