We are in the CARD ROOM for this swap. I have adjusted the times as I would like to be out the door at 8:30pm, if possible. We must be out of the center at 9pm therefore the quicker everyone arrives and sets up the better.

Hello, it's swap time again! To ensure everyone can participate with enough room we ask everyone to please limit your items to 30 per swap.

We have room for 20 swappers at this event, so RSVP ASAP to reserve a seat. Please be sure to change your RSVP, including number of guests, if your plans change! If you get on the waiting list, there's a really good chance that a spot will open up for you, so be prepared to attend. If someone cancels, the first person on the waiting list will be moved automatically to the "Yes, I'm going" list and if that is you, you will receive an email to that effect.

Swappers get HALF of a 6-foot table to display their items. (Clothing can be hung separately on our clothing rack.) You'll get one ticket for each item you bring - up to 30 items. Your tickets are your currency for swapping.

When you arrive, claim some table space as yours, set it up and come tell me or DJ how many items you brought with you to get your tickets. Also please get a name badge. Then you'll be given some blue painter's tape and sharpie marker to "tag" the items others have brought that you would like to have. It's okay if there's already a tag on the item; you can still tag it. That means we'll have a bidding war and that's really fun!

Feel free to post items you will be bringing and what items you are looking for, remember we do not exchange any cash at this event.

Please bring a snack or appetizer to share. I'll bring a beverage and provide plates, plastic ware, and napkins.


Set up: 6:30-7:00 (you can actually come as early as 6:00 if you wish)

Shop, mingle & eat 6:45-7:15

Swap starts at 7:15 sharp this month since we must be out of the room by 9pm.

Looking forward to another fun evening!

NOTE: Meetup fee is $2 per person, per swap to cover the cost of the room and Organizer's monthly fees. This fee will be collected as DJ distributes your tickets.

Many thanks to D.J. for assisting me with the swap process and keeping it moving along, also a great model to boot. Thanks also to all of you who stay behind to help pick up and pack up items for donation. And a big thanks to Larisa for taking all the unwanted stuff to a donation place of her choice.