• Go 1.13 @ Evolve

    Evolve technology

    Summer is up and it's meetup season again! Hope you all had a great summer. And while most of us has taken some time off, the tiny cave gophers (that's how I imagine it anyways) has been hard at work delivering another sweet new version of Go, packed with goodness. PLEASE NOTE: The location has been changed due to an unfortunate water leak. We will be at Evolve (Östra hamngatan 50) instead. The doors will open at 17.30 and there will be food and drinks provided by Evolve (thx) so we're packed with energy before hearing tonight's speakers: - Error wrapping in Go 1.13, Alexandre Thenorio - Case study from Sendify, Jacob Peyron - Open mic / Flash talk, anyone from the crowd

  • Lunch with Johan Brandhorst on WebAssembly

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    This time we're proud to get an external speaker visiting our meetup. Based in London, Johan Brandhorst is an active member in the Go community and is the maintainer of grpc-web among many things. This time he is here to talk about web assembly! Due to Johans schedule, we're trying out a new format this time: Lunch meetup! NOTE: This is a paid event to cover your own lunch. Latest RSVP is set to two days before the meetup and you will confirm your spot by sending us the ticket price (100 SEK) using Swish. We'll PM you the number after RSVP is closed. Sorry for the inconvenience but the meetup payment system only accepted international currencies with limited options. The ticket price is for covering the cost of your lunch and drink (that we will pre-order). Please enter any allergies or food preference in the registration, we will order salad (vegetarian) if nothing else is specified. The number of spots will also be far more limited this time so sign up if you want a spot! We'll meet at the office of Toolbuilders, a digital campaign tool developer (http://greatbeyond.se/project/digitala-verktyg/). Hope to see you on our short and warm lunch meetup :) // Go West Organizers

  • Open space @ Evolve

    Evolve technology

    After the talks of the last meetup some really good discussions took place, which made us think about the format of our meetups. And our conclusion is that we think it's time to try a different one this time! This time we will meet at Evolve, for some usual food and mingle, and will then use the open space format to form groups around different Golang-related topics. The unique thing about open space is that it's fully participant driven. Each participant will in the beginning have the opportunity to name subjects they are interested in discussing, and we will then spread out in groups for each subject there is an interest in. We therefore ask each participant to beforehand think about what areas you're interested in. More information about the open space format can be found here: https://openspaceworld.org/wp2/what-is/ So no formal talks this time, but we think this might be an even better opportunity to learn from other gophers, and to share your experiences in a more relaxed setting. We meet at 17:30 for food and mingle and start the program at 18:00

  • Go at Opera

    Opera Software

    We meet at Opera Software (the company) to hear about their Go journey. Joakim will talk about Go Integration testing. Schedule: 17:30 - Food and Mingle 18:00 - Opera: Our journey with Go 18:45 - Break 19:00 - Joakim Gustin: A take on integration testing in Go 19:40 - All done. But feel free to stick around for a while and talk some Go.

  • Go testing techniques


    Let's meet at Meltwater HQ and talk some more Go. This time, Marcus Olsson from Go Stockholm will drop by and talk about testing techniques in Go and Oscar Söderlund will share a case study about building an integration testing setup for a large system. There will be some food and drinks free of charge. Big thanks to Meltwater for hosting this event.

  • Autumn fun with Go

    Evolve technology

    Hope you all had a great summer! This time, we'll meet at the Evolve office to talk some Go in three shorter talks. There will be some food and drinks free of charge. Robin Morero - Zero to Go Joakim Gustin - Context & Concurrency Max Ekman - A brief introduction to modules in Go 1.11

  • Wally Quevedo: Reliable microservices in Go using NATS

    Straight out of Los Angeles, via KubeCon EU, we've asked Wally Quevedo from Synadia to come to Gothenburg and talk about NATS project, recently included in CNCF. # Building reliable microservices in Go using NATS The NATS project is a mature, open source messaging system that from its foundations was built with simplicity in mind. It was originally in Ruby, but thanks to its Go rewrite it can now deliver millions of messages per seconds and the NATS servers are known for its reliability and long uptimes. In this talk, we'll take a deep dive at feature set from both core NATS and NATS Streaming and how to use them together to build simple messaging based APIs for your microservices. We'll cover the internals of the Go clients and best practices that projects using NATS have adopted to build reliable production ready services. If you are familiar with building REST APIs but have been looking at different approaches, in this talk you learn the benefits of considering to use messaging in your next Go project. # Food & Drinks Food and drinks will be provided by our sponsor, Pagero # Gothenburg Tech Radar Wally will also talk on Gothenburg Tech Radar, on May 7. https://www.meetup.com/Gothenburg-Tech-Radar/events/248293960/

  • Net/HTTP & Vendoring


    Time for a new Golang Meetup. This time, we'll focus on the requests from last time - namely; Standard library and Vendoring. Joakim Gustin - Net/http & the http.Handler interface Max Ekman - Endless fun with Vendoring This time, Pagero will sponsor us with Venue & Pizza.

  • Go Introduction

    Vasagatan 5B: Event, Konferens & Pop-up lokal

    Welcome to Gothenburg's first Go meetup! Since our level of experience with Go is likely to be very varied, we’ll start slow. The first part will focus on you & the group. 17.45 - 18.30 Introductions Who are you? Do you write any Go code / when did you start? What would you like to hear about / discuss next session? After this, we’ll take a short break, and continue with a Go introduction. If you write Go code on a daily basis, this will be very basic. 18.45 - 19.30 Go: The basics - Joakim Gustin & Simon Wikstrand A basic introduction to Go. Strengths, weaknesses & how to get started. Pizza and soft drinks will be provided. A big thanks to Sendify for hosting us!