Securing an online service at scale + intro to GDBC 2019

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17:00 - Drop in, snacks

17:30 - Remote presentation: Securing an online service at scale

In this session, we will talk about what is involved in securing an online service at scale. We’ll cover the fundamentals including the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), threat models, static analysis, supply chain security and other scanning. We’ll also talk about the importance of Assume Breach and the value of red/blue/purple teaming, bug bounties and other security practices.

Grant Holliday is a Principal Software Engineer with the Azure DevOps team at Microsoft. During his ten year tenure with the Team Foundation Server team, he has been a part of it all – from the very first beta releases, to running the dogfood instances for thousands of Microsoft engineers, to the very first cloud deployment, he literally wrote the book on TFS.

18:30 - Sneak-peek Global DevOps Bootcamp 2019

On June 15 we will organize the third edition of the Global DevOps Bootcamp ( We will give you a sneak-peek into this year's theme.

19:30 - Wrap-up, discussions