• Recap from //Build + Containerized Builds

    Active Solution Sverige AB

    17:30 - Drop in, snacks 18:00 - DevOps Recap from //Build 2019 With the //Build conference just being held, we will recap what's new around Azure DevOps and other interesting areas 18:45 - Keeping your builds green using Docker Jakob Ehn - Active Solution With the number of technologies that is part of most projects now just keeps increasing, beginning work on a new project can sometimes take a lot of time and effort, installing SDK's and build tools. And then we have the same requirements for our build environment, and too often we find that build failures are due to differences between the local development machines and the build server environment, In this session you will learn how to use Docker to define and run your builds both locally and on the build server. We will also look at how we can run build agents inside a Docker container to make sure that our build infrastructure is immutable and reliable. 19:45 - Wrap-up, discussions

  • DevOps Meetup at Ignite tour


    This event will be accessible only to people attending Ignite tour. We will be talking for new attendees what this Meetup is all about and also present the latest news in Azure DevOps Sign up at https://www.microsoft.com/sv-se/ignite-the-tour/stockholm (waitlist).

  • Securing an online service at scale + intro to GDBC 2019

    17:00 - Drop in, snacks 17:30 - Remote presentation: Securing an online service at scale In this session, we will talk about what is involved in securing an online service at scale. We’ll cover the fundamentals including the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), threat models, static analysis, supply chain security and other scanning. We’ll also talk about the importance of Assume Breach and the value of red/blue/purple teaming, bug bounties and other security practices. Grant Holliday is a Principal Software Engineer with the Azure DevOps team at Microsoft. During his ten year tenure with the Team Foundation Server team, he has been a part of it all – from the very first beta releases, to running the dogfood instances for thousands of Microsoft engineers, to the very first cloud deployment, he literally wrote the book on TFS. 18:30 - Sneak-peek Global DevOps Bootcamp 2019 On June 15 we will organize the third edition of the Global DevOps Bootcamp (https://globaldevopsbootcamp.com). We will give you a sneak-peek into this year's theme. 19:30 - Wrap-up, discussions

  • A path for Machine Learning in Production with Kubernetes

    Our friends at IF is hosting a Meetup about using Machin Learning in production with Kubernetes. Signup here https://www.meetup.com/ShareIT-If/events/255932826/

  • Meetup #12, Tooling for Containers


    Microservices can be hard; understanding container best practices can be hard as those practices are still being discovered. This session will aid in minimizing the learning curve with container orchestration, specifically, Kubernetes by bringing DevOps best practices into the mix. We will show you how using container tooling specifically built for simplifying the process can provide better orchestration for cloud services, better abstraction and encapsulation for your microservices deployments, and better visibility into what runs where and why. Jessica Deen | Cloud Developer Advocate Agenda: 17.30 - 18.00: light food and drink, mingle 18.00 - 18.10: introduction by Mathias Olausson, Magnus Timner and R2M 18.10 - 19.40: Jessica Deen main topic presentation, followed by short Q&A

  • Introducing Azure DevOps!

    Needs a location

    Together with the Stockholm Azure Meetup we're hosting an evening to look at the latest version of VSTS, now called Azure DevOps. Sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/Stockholm-Azure-Meetup/events/254383036/.

  • .NET Conference 2018 Viewing Party


    .NET Conf is a FREE, 3 day virtual developer event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft. It's a chance to learn, ask questions live, and get inspired for your next software project. You will learn to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, services, libraries and more for a variety of platforms and devices all with .NET. During this viewing party, we will show the starting keynote broadcasted from the Microsoft Channel9 Studios as well as the first two sessions, all starring names such as Scott Hunter, Mads Torgersen and Jon Galloway. Read more about the .NET Conf event here: https://www.dotnetconf.net/ Agenda: Keynote - Scott Hunter Miguel de Icaza Mads Torgersen 08:00 (PDT) | 15:00 (UTC) English Get the latest scoop from the people who build .NET! See what's new with .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Xamarin, C#, Azure, AI/ML and where we're taking .NET into the future! Welcome to .NET Conf 2018! - Scott Hanselman Jon Galloway 09:30 (PDT) | 16:30 (UTC) English Join Scott Hanselman, Community Director for the .NET Team and Jon Galloway, Executive Director of the .NET Foundation as they give us an update on the .NET community, open source and details on the new format of this year's conference! What's Coming to C#? - Mads Torgersen 10:00 (PDT) | 17:00 (UTC) English Over the last year we shipped point releases of C#, full of small but useful language features. Mads will recap some some of these, before turning to the big things we have in store for the future: Nullable reference types, recursive patterns, asynchronous streams and more.

  • Meetup #11 - VSTS and Azure Kubernetes Services

    It's time for the first meetup after the summer in the ALM/DevOps group! We kickstart the fall with two sessions, the first one about deploying microservices with Azure Kubernetes Services and VSTS. In the other session we will take a look at what's new in VSTS, and maybe peek a little bit into the future. Agenda 17:30 Welcome. Lighter meals will be served 18:00 Delivering Microservices with Visual Studio Team Services and Azure Kubernetes Services Microservices is a popular architecture style these days, and containers are a good fit when it comes to packaging and deploying these microservices. Kubernetes is the rising star of container orchestration and can be hosted in all cloud platforms as well as on-premise. Microsoft is betting big on Kubernetes and now supports running a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure, that support easy scaling, upgrading and self-healing of your clusters. In this session you will learn about how Kubernetes works, how to create a managed Azure Kubernetes cluster and how to build, deploy and monitor your microservice containers using Visual Studio Team Services and Application Insights Jakob Ehn (Active Solution) 19:00 Paus 19:15 What's new in Visual Studio Team Services VSTS is constantly changing and getting new features. In the last couple of sprints we have seen a completely new navigation UI previewed, release gates is no generally available, and also a new UI for visualizing the progress of a running release. We'll summarize the major new feature in VSTS and look a bit into the crystal ball at what's coming. Mathias Olausson & Magnus Timner (Solidify) About the speakers: Jakob Ehn Jakob has over 15 years of experience with professional software development, and currently works as a programming architect at Active Solution, specializing in DevOps and cloud architecture. Jakob is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP and also a Visual Studio ALM Ranger, and speaks regularly at conferences and user groups such as DevSum, Tech Days, TechX and SweNug. Mathias Olausson Mathias is CTO and co-founder of Solidify, a consulting company focused on helping companies improve their engineering skills. Mathias is a Microsoft MVP, Microsoft ALM Ranger and has published several books on development practices using Visual Studio and VSTS. As a hobby Mathias like to contribute to community add-ons for Visual Studio and VSTS, including the Test Case Explorer and Chuck Norris extensions. Magnus Timner Magnus has been working with system development since the early nineties. Now he works mainly with helping companies and organisations to improve their development process with modern tools and methods, mainly with TFS and VSTS.

  • Meetup #10 - Security and DevOps


    Då kör vi igång med första Meetup:et för 2018! Denna gång blir det säkerhet på menyn, Sam Guckenheimer inleder med en presentation om hur säkerhet är något som alla som praktiserar DevOps bör ha i åtanke. Efter Sams pass kommer Taavi Koosaar från Solidify att berätta mer om hur vi kan hantera känslig information, som tex lösenord, i kod. Kvällens träff sponsras av Solidify. Agenda 17:30 Välkomna, lättare mat och dryck serveras 18:00 Security and DevOps DevOps is about going fast. Security is about minimizing risks. Rugged DevOps is a set of practices designed to meet both goals more effectively. By creating a release pipeline that uses trusted component feeds, package management, software composition analysis for open-source software, and static analysis for security testing, in conjunction with continuous integration and continuous delivery, you can go fast and not break things. This combination of practices improves the time for prevention of vulnerabilities, time to detect, time to mitigate, and minimum blast radius. Sam Guckenheimer, Microsoft 19:00 Paus 19:15 Managing Secrets in a modern world Managing Secrets in modern world requires more effort than storing clear text keys in you configuration files. It requires storing secrets in secure location outside of source control and managing a set of secrets per different environments that the application runs in. We are going to look at handling secrets in .net code and managing them throughout your CI/CD pipeline. Taavi Koosaar, Solidify