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This is not a dating site,their are meetups for that.All we ask is that you respect other's and harrasment will not be tolorated,and you will be removed from the group.You can join this group,and not come to any event's that's fine.The only thing we ask,is that you dont be a no show.What is a no show?It's someone that rsvp's yes,and not show up.If you cant make it,just change your rsvp to no.If you continue to be a no show,you will be removed from the group.A group for people who enjoy. Dinner's/Movie's and TV Show's and meet other Movie Fans and and Dinner Eaters,and great friendly people and we are handycap accesible.We serve all of Southwest Florida,from the Port Charlotte to the Naples area.If you like classic movie's,I have a sister group http://www.meetup.com/swfl-classicfilms/ The SWFL Classic Movie Group.And we are preasure free so you can come when ever you can.Even if you can't come to any event's your still welcome to stay,because you never know when you will be able to come to one.I don't run a business,so why should it matter if members are active or inactive.Sometimes we go out for dinner and go to a movie theater.And sometime we will just do one or the other dinner or a movie.And sometime's we go to Restaurant's that watches popular TV show's such as Dancing With The Stars,American Idol.And sometimes go to someones house thats hosting a dinner movie party,or thats just having snacks and byob.And sometimes go club houses. And occasionally we will do other stuff.If you would like to host a dinner movie party let us know,but you need to rsvp at least three times in any Meetup group's before you can host a Dinner Movie Party.If you would like to be an Assistant Organizer let us know.A photo is required so that we can identify you.

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