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PLEASE READ OUR NO SHOW POLICY.But first let's talk about the basics.I first started this group as a dinner and a movie group,then I turned it into a do it all group.You name it,I will look into it.Contribution is appreciated,but not required.This group is a mixed age group,from 20s all the way up to 100s,and we try to be acessable to the deaf,we are looking for host's that knows sign language,and were now trying to post a sign language cheat sheet to learn how to great deap member's.We go all over SWFL,from Port Charlotte to Naples,we'll even go past Port Charlotte,we'll go all the way to Tampa.This is not a dating site,even though we do single's event's.their are meetups for that.It's alright to ask for a date,but please don't keep bothering them if your request has been denied once.All we ask is that you respect other's.Harrasment will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group.Unlike other group's,you can join this group,and not come to any event's The only thing we ask,is that you don't be a no show.What is a no show?It's someone that rsvp's yes,and not show up,and dont change their rsvp.If you cant make it,just change your rsvp.OUR NO SHOW POLICY.If you rsvp yes,and don't show up three times,you will be removed from the group.Reasons for the no show policy is,when people are on the waiting list,they are people that would have gone,and it's not fair to them,when the owner of a venue agrees to hold a table for group,they expect them to show up,and the owner get's mad when they dont show up,and it's rude and disrespectful,CANCELATION POLICY.If you have to cancel,please do it 24 hour before the event,it's understandable that emergency's come up,and their are legal excuse's,being called into work,sick,death in the family,have to visit someone in the emergeny room,car broke down,stranded,caught in severe weather,family emergency's,are legal excuse's,I forgot,just decided I diddn't want to go.decided to go to another meetup,at the last minute,are not legal escuse's.With that out of the way,let's talk about the fun stuff.Meet great friendly people that enjoy activity's.If you like a group that will do anything, then ths group's for you and we'll put anything on the calendar that you like,and we are opened to idea's and we are handycap accesible.We do so much,that we can't put them all as a topic.A photo is required so that we can identify you.

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