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“Swift for/with Designers” and “Weak, Strong, Unowned, Oh my!”

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For this one, we’ll try two presentations in one evening!

Presentation #1: Swift for/with Designers
by Michael Helmbrecht

Developers and designers working together can create the best apps in the world! But we've all seen that this collaboration doesn't always run smoothly. Come learn how new tools like storyboards and Swift can help designers and developers work more closely and produce the best software (and the happiest teams).

Michael calls himself a designer by day and an iOS developer by night. He has always worked in one field and dabbled in the other; he now brings his experiences in both to make the best designs at Realm.

Presentation #2: Weak, Strong, Unowned, Oh my!
by Hector Matos

Let’s dig into something we’re all afraid to look at talk about. ARC is that family member that we all hate to love. Unfortunately, he needs our help quite often (more often than we’d like!). I want to discuss retain cycles. Swift is much better at helping us help ARC know how to manage our memory by giving us cool little things like capture lists, unowned, and weak references. We’ll generate some retain cycles of our own, explore how to debug them with Instruments, and learn how to use the tools Swift gives us to have clear, expressive, non-leaky code.

Raised by llamas in the great state of Texas, Hector grew to be an avid couch potato who likes spending his precious couch time playing the Legend of Zelda or yelling at the TV whilst watching Game of Thrones. Miraculously, he spawned the cutest tiny human of all time so he frequently stares in disbelief while playing with his daughter, Abby, or cuddling his wife (Seriously, how did that happen?). While he isn’t sitting at home vegging out or blogging, you can find him sitting at the office writing mobile apps for iOS & Android for Capital One. With a particular penchant for great mobile UI/UX, Hector writes the code that makes the world go round.


6:00pm: Doors open. Look for the doorman standing outside the building.

6:30 - 7pm: Refreshments and snacks. We will not be serving alcohol at this meetup. We’ll have plenty of other drinks available, along with food for omnivores & vegetarians.

7pm: Presentations + Q&A

After, you're welcome to stay and chat.


The Realm office is on Townsend St. between 2nd and 3rd.

Look for the doorman standing outside the building. He'll guide you up.

Getting there:

• 5-minute walk to the King St. Caltrain station. 20-minute walk from the Powell St. BART Station.

• Bike Parking. We don't have bike racks, but you can bring your bike up, but you'll need to carry it to the 2nd floor. The building doesn't have an elevator.

Thanks to:

Realm ( for hosting and providing food + drinks


Email: Arwa -


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