An evening with Andy Matuschak & Nacho Soto

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148 Townsend St. 2nd Floor · San Francisco, CA

How to find us

Building entrance is next to the parking garage. We will not be serving alcohol at this meetup. A wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks and foods will be on hand though!

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NOTE: DATE HAS CHANGED to Tuesday, 9/8!

The event will be recorded. We'll share the links post editing.

We're continuing the trend of 2 presentations + 1 lightning talk:

Lightning talk: TBD

Presentation #1: Functional Reactive Programming in an imperative world by Nacho Soto

In this talk I will be illustrating the benefits of Functional Reactive Programming with two live examples; I will solve the same problem, first with imperative programming and then with FRP.

About Nacho Soto

Nacho works as a mobile engineer at Khan Academy, bringing their vast educational content to both iOS and Android devices. Previously, Nacho lead the development of Elevate, Apple’s 2014 App of the Year. In his free time, Nacho enjoys chess, speed cubing, and diving deeper into functional programming.

Presentation #2: Let’s Play: Refactor the Mega-Controller by Andy Matuschak

So you’ve got this huge view controller that knows about everything, and it’s become some kind of puppeteer mastermind whose responsibilities have somehow grown to simultaneously encompass disk I/O and navigation bar styling. You’re supposed to change its behavior significantly, but you have zero confidence that you can do this without breaking the world. Together, we’ll refactor a tangled view controller, unit test it without tons of stubbing goo, and make it easier to change over time. We’ll use general strategies that you can deploy without coming off as some kind of high-falutin’ academic.

About Andy Matuschak:

Andy is the lead mobile developer at Khan Academy, where he’s creating an educational content platform that’s interactive, personalized, and discovery-based. Andy has been making things with Cocoa for 12 years—most recently, iOS 4.1–8 on the UIKit team at Apple. More broadly, he’s interested in software architecture, computer graphics, epistemology, and interactive design. Andy and his boundless idealism live in San Francisco, primarily powered by pastries.


6:00pm: Doors open. Look for the doorman standing outside the building.

6:30 - 7pm: Refreshments and pizza. We will not be serving alcohol at this meetup. We’ll have plenty of other drinks available, along with food for omnivores & vegetarians.

7pm: Presentations + Q&A. We'll have a very short break between presentations.

After, you're welcome to stay and chat.


The Realm office is on Townsend St. between 2nd and 3rd.

Look for the doorperson standing outside the building. He or she will guide you up.

Getting there:

• 5-minute walk to the King St. Caltrain station. 20-minute walk from the Powell St. BART Station.

• Bike Parking. We don't have bike racks, but you can bring your bike up, but you'll need to carry it to the 2nd floor. The building doesn't have an elevator.

Thanks to:

Realm ( for hosting and providing food + drinks

Call for speakers!

We're looking for speakers. Know anyone? :) We hope so! Please fill out this short talk proposal form. (

We have openings for lightning talks (up-to 10 mins) as well as longer talks (20-30 mins) talks.


Email: Arwa - [masked]