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Welcome to our Talks night. Always on the Third Wednesday of the month. The evening is an excellent chance to meet and contribute to London's very special Swift community, one of the largest and most active in the world. We're building an eclectic program of talks, demonstrations, inquiries and reflections, with the hope that everyone who comes will find something, or someone, to make the night worthwhile.


We start with a series of shorter talks, often by volunteers from the group. After a break for discussion, tea and coffee, we reconvene for two slightly longer talks. The lineup for the evening will be announced as we know it, but we'll aim for a month in advance. RSVPs typically open on the Monday two weeks before (the evening of our Hands On event).

Watch this space for more details.


We ask that after registering your attendance here, you take a moment to sign in as attending on the venue's event page (https://www.skillsmatter.com/meetups/6528-swift-london-september-talks). They kindly provide us with the space for free, including staff, security, equipment setup and hot drinks. They'd also like to make you nice sticky name badges. To return the favour, that's the little they ask.


1. Steven Van Impe

An Educator's Immersion into Swift

A lecturer in Computing Science at University College of Ghent, Belgium, and we're grateful to his department for funding the trip. Busy constructing an undergraduate course in Swift, Steven has had the fortune of spending over four hours a day immersed in the language since its announcement. He will be talking to us about Swift from the perspective of a teacher.

Twitter @svanimpe (https://twitter.com/svanimpe)

2. Gem Barrett

One developer's tale of using Swift with the Steam API to create a games newsfeed app.

Gem will be covering her experience of jumping between web and app development, the design and UX considerations.

Web Developer at Tribal London (http://www.tribalworldwide.co.uk/) by day, iOS and tech experimenter by night, Gem splits her time this way in the hope of earning a superhero-style nickname. She also tweets as @gembarrett (https://www.twitter.com/gembarrett) on all matters related to coding, design, gaming and cats.

Twitter @gembarrett (https://twitter.com/gembarrett)
Website gembarrett.com (http://www.gembarrett.com)

3. James Nocentini

A dive into UICollectionView to see how to present data in flexible layouts.

Collection views provide a separation of concern between the data and the layout used to present data. We will also see how to structure collection view code to avoid having a humongous view controller. This talk should help you build non trivial UIs in Swift.

James is an iOS Developer at scoobr (https://www.skoobr.com)

Twitter @Jamiltz
GitHub https://github.com/Jamiltz

4. Moxtra

Moxtra API

A presentation on the use and development of their iOS messaging / collaboration API.

Twitter @MyMoxtra
Website moxtra.com (http://www.moxtra.com)

5. Alexsander Akers

How to Leverage the AddressBook Framework

AddressBook.framework is definitely no one's favourite framework, especially with its outdated CoreFoundation-based API. This talk aims to show you how you can leverage AddressBook in your Swift apps whilst staying sane in the process.

Originally hailing from the City of New York, Alexsander Akers is an iOS dev at Facebook London. He is a co-maintainer of the BlocksKit framework and the author of the PebbleBucks smartwatch app. In his free time he enjoys long walks on the beach and speaking in the third person.

Twitter @a2 (http://www.twitter.com/a2)


We are booking our Autumn Talks season. Third Wednesday of the month. Would you like to speak?

15 minutes inc. Q&A
30 minutes inc. Q&A

Volunteer for a talk: Twitter (https://www.twitter.com/swiftLDN) | Email ([masked])


Doors: open from 6pm.

The event is held at Skills Matter (https://skillsmatter.com/locations/96-skills-matter-exchange) |[masked] Goswell Road | Map (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Skills+Matter/@51.524617,-0.099142,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x48761b574f527be3:0x5cbcad177df0b525).

Please feel free to come down early, grab a cup of tea or coffee and say hello to each other.

The best discussions usually happen in the pub afterwards, even on a Monday. All welcome, and you don't have to stay for long. If you gather outside the venue we'll walk you over.

Our local: The Slaughtered Lamb (http://www.theslaughteredlambpub.com/) | 34-35 Great Sutton Street | Route map (https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Skills+Matter,+116-120+Goswell+Rd,+London+EC1V+7DP,+United+Kingdom/The+Slaughtered+Lamb,+34-35+Great+Sutton+St,+London+EC1V+0DX,+United+Kingdom/@51.523916,-0.1002514,18z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x48761b574f527be3:0x5cbcad177df0b525!2m2!1d-0.099096!2d51.524559!1m5!1m1!1s0x48761b50dc84cbb3:0x11b720e00abc3577!2m2!1d-0.101144!2d51.523307!3e2).


While at the meetup (and hopefully in your life outside), all attendees are asked to behave respectfully in accordance with our

CODE OF CONDUCT (http://www.meetup.com/swiftlondon/pages/Code_of_Conduct_%7C_Safe_Spaces)


In short: be nice, be respectful, consider others.