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Streatham Common social (perhaps some stars too but less likely)

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I'll try to pick the clearest night coming up a couple of days ahead. I think Comet PanSTARRS is now too faint for binoculars, after a good try early in the month so the usual celebrities (stars) of the show and the odd planet are our targets now, or the moon (which can be interesting at its shadow edge, or "terminator" as its called). Streatham Common has a good west view if you're below the treeline but high up, and relatively dark skies higher up the hill but more restricted to directly above you.

I suggest we meet in/at the Waterfront bar at the bottom of the hill to start with - its on the A23 opposite the common and at the junction with Greyhound Lane. Wet footwear may be needed for soggy grass, and DEFINITELY bring warm layers and a hat and ideally gloves/warm pockets, scarf.

If it rains lots or terrible skies I'll probably postpone it, we can always put a social instead that doesn't matter so much about cloudless skies.

We'll head up the hill on the park once a few turn up or we've been there a little while, if the skies are looking good or ok for it. There's a path across the common below the trees, with a few widely spaced lights along it. We/you might prefer walking up the side of the common then along that path but that area (about in the middle), or the far side of the trees towards the Southern side, is where we might aim for. Take note of my mobile no. beforehand (and if leaving messages/texts, please identify yourself with your name from the group)!

Please be considerate and update your rsvp or call me (mobile no. in the "how to find us" text above on the website), if you can't come and said yes, or want to come last minute and haven't rsvpd as things can change last minute. Beware I might also be travelling and out of mobile reception for a while just beforehand, so please plan early and/or send a text message/leave a voicemail with details of your name from the website and of course a way to contact by phone/text if you expect/need a reply.

I should be bringing 2 pairs of binoculars (or even a 3rd hand-sized pair), and my tripod, if you have a 'scope or binoculars do bring them if you can..

My mobile no. is in the "how to find us" section on the website event details. Use it if needed to keep me updated!

There is at least one bus stop at the common, nearest train station is either Streatham Common or Streatham (busses come past the common from both stations, the 249 I think goes up the hill and lots go past on the A23).

Look out for updates here coming up to the event! Finally, I'll try to bring a red and black meetup logo sign with me on A5-size paper sign.

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