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This meet is on a Thursday because the moonrise time suits better - will be setting sooner after sunset so we can see it at the start of the meet but it won't obstruct star viewing later. Moonset is 8.46pm on Thursday (sunset about 7.50 so it'll be dark enough to see stars about 8.45-ish, maybe one or two around 8.30 if you have good eyesight/binoculars and theres low pollution/haze at the time).

Jupiter is rising earlier and earlier (~9.40 for the evening), a very easy planet to see with the naked eye and you can see a moon or two (or three even) in binoculars. So if you're ready to stay til near 10pm it should appear above the trees/houses. Saturn might set before its visible but theres a new supernova in the big dipper (aka saucepan) in M101 that /may/ just about be visible with powerful enough binoculars/small or medium telescope.

Smartphones with planetarium type apps welcome, they were useful last time to identify stars with more certainty, particularly if they have a red colour (night) mode. My new binoculars ought have arrived so I'll have those better ones plus my old (not so good) ones for anyone to share for the evening. Maybe someone will bring along a scope this time?

Bring binoculars (if you have more than one, non-zoom ones are best for astronomy with larger objective lenses - at the far end from your eyes, more than 12x magnification really needs tripod-mounting to get good stable views).

Bring telescope(s) if you have them, obv. tripod to go with.

If you have a red-light torch, they are better than regular torches to bring as they don't ruin your night vision so much.

Expected format of meet much like the Baker-Street-Irregular-Astronomers ones in Regent's Park - hang out, watch, set up any telescopes, hope for a cloudless night, chat, ask Q's about telescopes or objects up there.

If the weather looks terrible/completely clouded over, I'll move it by a day or two, or maybe postpone. But you'll know at least by the start of the day, probably before, if I'm going to do this.