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Lightning Talk Night

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Daniel L. and Scott A.


October's meetup is going to be lighting talks! If you're unfamiliar with the concept, this means each talk will be only 10 minutes long. It should be a really fun evening, with lots of speakers and a wide range of topics - something for everyone!


• Dave Jones - SmartLock for Passwords

• Mairela Popova - The gap between IT & marketing in a startup

• Phil Hall - Chatbots, are we there yet?

• Matt Aranha - IoT and Interoperability

• Dan Leivers - Automation in an Agency

• Rick Chapman - It's not me it's you! (Mediating between apps and web databases)

• Rob Garner - A fun, new way to learn programming

• Abhi Mittal - Amazon API Gateway custom authorisers

Time table:

• 18:00-18:15 - organisers/volunteers arrive

• 18:30 doors open / pizza arrive

• 19:00 Intro by SWmobile organiser (thank sponsors, venue admin i.e toilets, fire exits)

• 19:05 First set of lightning talks

• 19:45 5-10min comfort break

• 19:55 Second set of lightning talks

• 20:35 finish up and head to the pub

• 20:45 Volunteers leave after helping tidy up

5th Floor, 1 Temple Way, Bristol BS2 0BY · Bristol
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