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November Talk Night

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November Talk Night


Welcome to the November SWmobile event! We have 3 fantastic speakers sharing their experiences of iOS, Android and React native.

# Building a cross-platform app in 6 weeks - a React Native story - Dan Leivers
A summary of my recent experiences trying to build and launch an app for multiple app stores in a short period of time. Includes the good and the bad of React Native.

#iOS Feature Flagging - James Frost
How the WordPress for iOS team selectively exposes new app features in different builds of the app, for developers, testers, or all users.

#Android Notifications - Himanshu Walia
This talk provides the audience with an overview of android notifications, how they behave from Android 6 to Android 10. Best practices, guidelines, anti-patterns and pitfalls while designing and implementing push notification for Android apps.

18:30 Doors, Food (veg and vegan options available) & Drink
19:00 Intro and Talks 1
19:45 Break
20:00 Talks 2&3
20:45 Finish (Tidy up
21:00 Continue the conversation at pub on Kings Street (details will be shared at the event.)

As always we welcome new speakers. Please message the lead organiser or any of the other organisers if you have a talk idea, or fill out the form at Some talks may be recorded see for more details.

Broad Quay · Bristol City
15 spots left