Past Meetup

Parlez - Vous Francais (PVF)? fortnightly event at St James Hotel, on Tuesdays


A unique fortnightly event held jointly with Sydney Spanish Language Group to accomodate many members that speak both French and Spanish.The joint attendence exceeds 150 members.

The Sydney French Language Group’s " Parlez Vous Francais?" program is one of the most effective free style French conversation events to be held for free in this country. At least 30% of members who attend are native French speakers from France and various parts of the Francophone world.

We will be inviting from time to time Native French guest speakers to adddress the group for 5 minutes only and mingle to end of event.

Only registred members can attend - free to join - members must RSVP to attend!!!!

SEE PICTURES ( at prestigious St James Hotel and lets keep up the interest in this meetup so we can keep using the venue for free (the venue costs $800 to hire..its ours for free, so just buy a drink to support the club).

Our group is a private club so ..guests of our members are welcome to attend only the first time after that they must join.This is a safety measure to protect members from people that just drop in uninvited or continue to attend without the basic requirement to join.

This group and this genre of meetups go a long way to welcome newly arrived Native French Speakers and others by assisting them to settle more smoothly in this country by meeting the right people, find the information they need and make friends.

These members are welcome to call Hans directly with regards to any info they need on 0433098469

Enjoy French chatting and make friends

Hans, Simon and Emily


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