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Muslim Collective is a dynamic Australian community for progressive thought and social interaction. We come together as Australians and as Muslims because we believe that it is the duty of each of us to contribute to making this world a better place. We strive for critical reflection and growth in our personal spiritual journeys, and within our communities.We are a diverse and inclusive group that supports and encourages dialogue about the real issues of our time.

We are dedicated to creating a vibrant, respectful space for Muslims who want to talk openly and honestly about their Islam- their beliefs, questions and ideas - without fear of exclusion or judgement. We want to bring together Muslims and friends who share progressive values and are committed to improving society by engaging in issues on human rights, social justice and the environment.

We envisage a society where all people - regardless of gender, religion, race, culture - can contribute to this conversation respectfully.

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Casual Dinner

Ferah Cafe and Restaurant

End of Year Picnic

Belmore Park in Haymarket

Symposium: How do we have a conversation about Islam?

Blacktown Arts Centre

Terrorist/Apostate Performance

Blacktown Arts Centre

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