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Sydney Songwriter Workshop + Open Mic Evening.

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We will be back in Sydney as promised for our monthly "business approach to songwriting" session, a song critique workshop, professional feedback on individual songs and ending the day with an open-mic evening, all for the benefit of our meetup members long-awaiting such opportunity. Our last (First Sydney Workshop) was a great success.

We will be looking closer at the steps to build a song, the marketable way. If you are already a songwriter, this is where little details will make a huge difference to the marketability of your song. If you are not a songwriter, but would love to learn how to write, this session will show you the first steps to take towards songwriting. See agenda below.

Please note that members from other sydney music related meetups are also being invited, therefore the number of RSVP on ours only relates to our own members.

Please note the date down: Saturday 5th of December at 2.00pm at @Newtown RSL, in Newtown.


1./ 2.00 - 2.15
Introduction of new members.

2./ 2.15 - 3.00
Songwriting Tools & Techniques: 'Marketable Song Structures against non marketable ones'. (Jacques Gentil)

3./ 3.15 - 4.00
Writing A Song Together. (Finding a Great Marketable Title, and what it means Then Building Up A Structure Around It- with Karen Guymer & Jacques Gentil)

4./ 4.10 - 5.00
Song Critique (Group critique of 1 or 2 selected songs)

5./ 5.00 - 6.30
One on one song critique (or combination with Item 4 above.) [First booked, first served.]

6./ 7.30- Late
Open-mic entertainment.
All of you who are performers can share your music, originals or covers,even though originals are prefered.
The evening entertainment at @Newtown RSL is free, therefore you can invite your family and friends to come along.
This will be a networking opportunity where musicians, singers, songwriters and others will get together and share their talents.

We will take a look at the the different structures that are radio friendly, why some structures aren't marketable and why others are. We will break a song down in parts, analyze the different parts and then rebuild it again.


Prepare yourself for a solid understanding of how your songwriting can make a difference, how you could win contests, how your songs could generate you income, even if you are only writing poetry today, how you could turn them into songs that sells. You will have the opportunity to participate as a songwriter even if you have never written a song, we will show you how easy it is to come up with a great idea, and develop that idea in a short time, and why and how it is easier to write a marketable song than one that is complicated and will never sell.
If you have a song you would like to be critiqued, we will do that after the lecture on Songwriting, one on one or in group, and is included as part of your booking, however the time allocated to everyone wanting a critique is divided. As a part of our workshop, one or two songs will be selected first and critiqued in a group for the benefit of everyone. Songs need to be in development form. Please do not bring a song you have completed and have already spent lots of money in prodution and you are happy with the way it is, unless you are keen to change the song and spend again in a new recording. The feedback we give you is of professional standard. If something do not work with your song, or can be improved, we do not only tell you it doesn't work, but show you how to make it work.

Jacques Mario Gentil is a multiple award winning songwriter, an ASCAP affiliated music publisher as well as a very well respected songwriting teacher. Son of Composer of the National Anthem of Mauritius, he has been involved in music since his youth, has won a TV Star Show contest at the age of 17, and has for the past 8 years helped many developing songwriters in understanding the industry standards of songwriting, the business side of things, some of whom have won awards, contests, and had their song put on hold for artists such as Robbie Williams. As a music publisher he has major record company connections in USA. A Gospel recording artist signed to Molian Music, Maryland, USA, he toured Canada and all across USA in 2000 & 2001 with 1000's of sales of his 'Contrast' album on tour alone. Jacques founded Magesongs School Of Songwriting, a place where songwriters can learn a method of songwriting which is unique in Australia, bridging the gap between developing songwriters and the glorified music industry, however a simple and common method used and acceptable by the songwriting community in USA.

Karen Guymer is a published, award winning singer-songwriter who has learned the tools and techniques of writing marketable songs from Magesongs School of Songwriting. Karen has been the co-founder and producer of the Australian Teen Idol show for over 3 years, and a mentor for young teenage performers, one of whom not only won the Australian Teen Idol show in 2007 but made the 2008 top 12 Australian Idol contestants, Brooke Addamo. Karen Guymer has earned the respect of many in the music industry.

The fee is an affordable $60 for the whole workshop. Critiquing of your song is inclusive for the day only. Our song critique fee is usually $35/30 minutes as per described on our website, if you would like to send your song to be critiqued. Therefore it is to your advantage to jump on the opportunity and have your songs critiqued on the day.

Beside the 2 songs to be picked at random for our workshop critique, 1 on 1 song critiques will be in order of booking for the seminar. First come will be first served.

Your critique can be for material in the form of a poem only, an idea you would like to develop for a song, a verse or chorus only, or a fully written verses, chorus and bridge of a song. Composers can bring a melody they would like advice about how to go to make the melody more marketable.

We will end the day with an evening of entertainment sharing songs. An Open-Mic facility will be available. You will be able to plug in your guitar/s, and sing. If you have recorded music to sing with, please bring them along with you. However it will be helpful to let us know when you book if you will be presenting your songs, so we can have a spot at least for everyone who wish to perform.

Booking: Either go to (Magesongs School Of Songwriting Website)
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Select the Sydney Seminar & Workshop option
Proceed to Paypal for payment with a credit card.
If you do not have a credit card, you could create a paypal account to pay directly into our paypal account.
Otherwise contact us and we will give you our bank detail if you prefer direct transfer to our bank account or other method of payment.

Come and learn what no other will teach you, get professional feedback on your song, and stay for some sharing of music. It will be fun.