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Every month there is a different theme to the Amazing Race - this one will have you scouting around Coogee and other parts of Sydney....what other parts of Sydney? Hop on board and unveil the mystery.... It's absolutely fine if you don't know anyone - great friendships have been made via the Amazing Race where memorable experiences will be shared with the exciting tasks provided to you on the day. We will be meeting at Coogee Beach on the right hand side of the Chish & Fips shop. The Race will start shortly after 130m so please do your best to be on time as we would hate for you to miss out. Here’s a few pointers you will need for the day: · Please charge your camera/phone as this is the most important thing you will need for the race · Please bring a pen · Please dress comfortable including very comfortable shoes. (You don’t need to wear gym gear. Ladies I don't recommend skirts/dresses) · Slip, Slop and Slap (for the non Aussies – this means slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen and slap on a hat). Please wear lots of sunscreen! · Please do all you can to be on time as we will be starting the race shortly after 1m and we would hate for you to miss out · When you do arrive you will need to get into teams of 5. · Once you have formed a team, you will need to give your team a name and we will take note of who is on your team. If you know anyone from the attendee list, it may be a good idea to work out your team of 5 now. If you don’t know anyone that’s absolutely fine, we can sort it out on the day – this is a perfect opportunity to ‘meetup’, get acquainted and meet new friends :) This event is combined with a few meetup groups so there will be lots of people on board! · You will then be given a range of exciting tasks where you will have a certain time frame to complete. (You don't have to be the fittest person to do this race). The race will go into the very early evening - between 5pm to 7pm, depending how each team executes the race. If you still like to participate for part of the race that is absolutely fine - just let me know on the day of the event. · The final destination will be at PJ O'Briens, 57 King Street (closest train station is Town Hall) where they have a great selection of food & drinks for you to savor :) They also have traditional Irish music on Sundays so an added bonus!Prizes will be given away at the conclusion of the event · Lastly and most importantly bring a huge smile as you’re going to embark on the best event of the month!!! For confidentiality reasons I do not provide my phone number, however our exact location is noted and pictured above so we won’t be hard to find. What about the weather??? If it rains we still proceed, it rained at one of the previous Amazing Races’ and we still managed to make a great day out of it! If it's an absolute downpour, we will proceed with a small bar pub crawl. Lock in this date that is guaranteed to be filled with fun and adventure!!! REVIEWS FROM PREVIOUS AMAZING RACES "Wow lots to do and plenty of fun great outing" "Thanks Lu, for organizing such an awesome event. Great fun!" "Thank you for hosting, had an amazing day and got to meet some great people! :)" "That was a great day despite the relentless rain. Thanks team Juice. Thank you Lu for organising it." "Was amazing! Had a lot of fun, can't wait till the next one!! And thanks heaps Lu for organising!!" "Really well organised event and lots of fun Lu. Thanks for organising." "Such a fun way to explore the city and be out & about on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!" "Thanks Lu for an awesome day! Very proud of the team that I was on to achieve the place that we got. Cant wait for the next one!"

Chish and Fips (right hand side by grass area)

200 Arden Street · Coogee

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Friends, Social, Partying, Outdoors, Hiking, Rockclimbing, you name it, we do it! Welcome to the Sydney Activity & Adventure Group (or SAAG.. being a really ridiculous acronym). Come join us for some fun outdoor activities such as:

Rock Climbing
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.. and also some more 'normal' social activities such as:


... every now and then we even throw training programs to help you grow, such as:

Confidence building
Developing successful habits
Career workshops
Presentation skills

If you're keen to meet some fresh faces and get to know people with similar interests than this is for you! The group title mentions that the group is for people in their 20's, but heck, if your younger or older and want to have some fun than come get into the action! This group is rapidly growing and the events are becoming equally more insane... come join in the shenadigans and see why we are known as Sydney's most fun group :)

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