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Machine learning meetup, Tues, June 27th

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Amazon will be our host and has been kind enough to sponsor beer and pizza at this upcoming Machine Learning meetup with talks from another two great speakers on Tuesday, June 27th. Event starts at 6pm, with talks starting at 6:30pm sharp.

Fabio Ramos is an associate professor at the University of Sydney and holds a PhD in the field of Robotics and Machine Learning. For many years Fabio has been interested in how humans can process so much information through vision, hearing smell etc and synthesize it into a seamless interpretation of our environment or situation. For a long time, Fabio has been trying to recreate this capability in machines.

From automonous cars that can drive themselves, to geophysical data collected from the entire continent being fused together to estimate potential locations for power plants, Fabio will be talking about the applications of data science and machine learning in the projects he has been involved in after many years in the field.

Arnaud holds a PhD in machine learning and is a consulting data scientist for Octo Technology based in Sydney. His research interests include MAPE regression and how to calibrate a predictive model using biased data. He is also the founder of Uchidata, a state-of-the-art text-mining API to analyze and classify unstructured data in real time.

Arnauds talk will be about performing Machine Learning using biased data in a ML challenge organized by Cdiscount, a french marketplace. He will describe why the data was biased and how he managed to reach 3rd place out of 837 teams.

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Venue: Amazon, Level 37, 2 Park Street Sydney