Breaking boundaries with FastCGI & Configuration organization tips

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Breaking boundaries with FastCGI

Efficient applications are fantastic; they keep server load, costs and response times low. We can make Symfony applications more efficient by removing the repetitive bootstrapping process from the request-response cycle.

By using FastCGI we can keep our application alive between requests and vastly improve their performance. The best news is that adding a FastCGI interface to your Symfony (or Silex application) can be done very quickly!

Let us not get too excited, however! When using PHP in this way we have to be very careful about the design and configuration of our application! This talk will explain how to use FastCGI with Symfony safely, providing an overview of the process and highlighting the danger areas that we must be cautious of.

Andrew ( is a young developer of open source and commercial PHP software. Last summer he graduated from Warwick University with a first class masters degree in Physics, focusing on high performance computing and scientific simulations.

Configuration organization tips

Experience-based styles of organizing the Symfony 2 configuration files, strategies and tips.

Emanuele ( is a Senior Web Developer at Amara Living Ltd. working everyday with Symfony 2, that's also a passion and his main hobby.

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