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This class has a hard limit of 16 participants, so RSVP now to get in! (LIMITATION is the number of soldering irons available for student use. These must be good temperature controlled soldering irons. I will open up more spots if irons become available.

There is a $10 fee for this class to pay for parts costs and expenses. You get to keep two fully constructed kits as a result of this course!!

This class picks up where Basic Electronics left off. You will learn to solder and create a printed circuit board version of the stop and go circuit you built in the last class. We provide all the materials for this class. You take home two completed, battery powered projects. Bring your brain and cheaters (magnifiers) if you need or have them.

Proto Board

Some times you want to make that breadboard a bit more permanent. This is where proto board comes into play. You can directly solder into proto board and use it as a permanent circuit. While its not as fancy as printed circuit boards, they get the job done. Everyone will build a LED tester.


We will teach you the mystical art of soldering. Actually, with the right equipment and knowledge soldering is very easy. Everyone will be soldering the Stop and Go pcb board..

Friendly SYN Shop facilitators will be on hand to help you through all activities..

Sample schematics, and courseware will be freely provided.

What do I bring???
Bring your brain! No other material is required for this class. We will provide all that is needed. If you have trouble seeing, please bring glasses, and or cheaters (magnifiers) if you need them.

There a $10 charge for this course, but donations to SYN Shop are always welcome. Or purchase a T-Shirt at and show your support!

About the instructor: Charley Jones holds over 12 industry certifications and is a former Microsoft Certified Trainer. Mr. Jones enjoys sharing his knowledge and passing on his experiences. He is an avid developer and has built and donated code to multiple Arduino and related projects. A graduate of the New England Institute of Technology, Mr. Jones has pursued a lifelong interest in electronics, microprocessors, and computers. He currently works as a Database Administrator and Developer for Clark County, NV. He is a founding member of SYN Shop, the Las Vegas Hacker Space, and donates time, materials, and experience to the group. His blog can be reached at (

This is fourth time I have taught this class for SynShop, and this is the third in my introduction series.

Photo of SYN Shop - Las Vegas Valley Hackerspace group
SYN Shop - Las Vegas Valley Hackerspace
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117 N. 4th Street · Las Vegas, NV