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This is a group for anyone interested in developing well designed software systems. It provides a well-rounded perspective of many core concepts used in enterprise systems. Developers at all levels are welcome.

In today’s business environment, we need to know more than just HOW to work with different technologies. We need to have the skills to decide on WHAT technologies and designs to use and explain WHY our technology decisions satisfy the business needs. To achieve this, we need to go back to core computer science and software engineering fundamentals. Solid understanding and realization of fundamental principles is often a key factor in whether a project will fly or sink, or a startup will take off or not.

I have spent the last three decades or so in building enterprise systems. I have worked in government projects as well as projects with financial and telecom institutions. I also founded my company http://avier.tech to invest in individuals and corporations wanting to create and launch their own software products. Looking forward to share my experience with everybody and explore how to build great software systems and products.

The following is a sample of technical topics (not in any particular order) I’d like explore in the coming months. Suggestions are welcome!

Java overview

Javascript overview

HTML5/CSS overview


jQuery overview

Phonegap overview

WordPress overview

Object Oriented Programming

Design Patterns

Database schema design

Object-Relational Mapping

Shell Scripting

Data structures

Inter-process communication

Threads and Parallel Processing

Regular ExpressionHTTP protocol

Java server pages

Apache Tomcat

Basic and Advanced SQL

In Memory Database

Background Jobs

Highly Configurable Software

Spring framework

System Builds

System Testing and Quality Control

Building your own command interpreter

How to build a workflow system

How to build a real-time monitoring system

How to build a web proxy

How to draw 2D graphics with HTML5

Mining data from AutoCAD

How to use Tomcat for dynamic content in WordPress

What is an Application Platform, why you may want to build your own, and how to build one

Strategies for Building Thick Clients

How to build a desktop robot

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