More opportunity for change by reframing thinking about organizations


Can we create more opportunities for change by reframing how we think about organizations?

Most of us experience resistance to change we try to initiate, regardless of how much people want the change. Often we think about the individual level of resistance. However, we often don't turn systems thinking+ lens to the discussion.

In this session, David Ing will prime the conversation by introducing alternative ways of thinking about organizations. We will then open the discussion to explore participants' experiences with organizational change, and ways in which we might take different approaches to create change. Join us at Loyalty One (351 King Street East) for an active discussion

Description of ST-TO+:

We are facing many complicated challenges, and we need to develop approaches that result in more successful and sustainable outcomes. At ST-TO+ we will:

Explore how to address specific, practical challenges identified by our community.
Be guided by a thought leader who can bring new perspectives and tools (from systems thinking, design thinking, complexity thinking, etc) that can be applied in a business environment.
Focus on active co-learning for the sake of improving our professional performance. All participants are invited to engage actively in the conversation – whether to share experience, insights or thought-provoking questions.

Please join other like-minded professionals on the last Tuesday of the month, to actively explore and learn how to address your professional challenges more successfully and sustainably.