#t12t meetup - Tools with Deque and more

t12t - Stockholm
t12t - Stockholm
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Digitalist Sweden

Östermalmsgatan 26 · Stockholm

How to find us

Digitalist is located in the A house on Östermalmsgatan 26A. Use the main entrance which is marked with 26A to access the building.

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Let's meet again!

This time we are hosted by Digitalist and we are super happy to announce that Dylan Barrel from the company Deque are joining us. For those of you who haven't heard about them before: Deque (pronounced dee-cue) is a web accessibility software and services company. They are well-known for the open-source tool aXe which among other things powers the Accessibility audit in Chrome dev tools and has over a million downloads.

In addition to our meetup, we are going to have a workshop in the afternoon with Dylan!
There is a separate invite for the workshop.

You can arrive at 18:00. Talks will start at around 18:30. The last talk will end around 20:30. You are welcome to stay and mingle until 21:30.
We will have one longer talk (30 min) and three lightning talks (10 min each). Here are the talks of the evening:

Talk (30 min):

Accessibility for good
- Dylan Barrel
How accessibility can be integrated into an Agile development workflow efficiently and effectively.
Accessibility testing is often viewed as a form of usability testing that can only be done once a system is in user acceptance testing. This leads to accessibility issues being backlogged and never addressed.
There is a better way. The adoption of some well-defined agile practices can result in the software development process that produces software that is "accessible by default."
At Deque we call this Accessibility for Good because it empowers users of otherwise marginalized groups AND it results in sustainable agile accessibility.

- Break -

Lightning talks (10 min each):

Designing a datepicker for humans
- Tommy Feldt, UX designer and accessibility specialist at Useit
It shouldn’t be so hard to pick a date! Tommy talks about his recent experiments with designing and building a more inclusive datepicker that matches how humans think about time.

From heart to action
- Elli Aguilera, UX Lead at Arbetsförmedlingen
In a world full of laws and duties, how do we get people engaged,from a dull must to a passion? From checklists to a mission? How do we create an inclusive society? I have a hypothesis, let's see if you agree?

Responsive accessibility
- Pär Lannerö, Digital sustainability consultant, Metamatrix
Just as the content of a web page must be responsive to presentation, the content of an a11y project must be responsive when it comes to team size & roles, methods and tools. This is regardless if you aim for the common AA baseline level of accessibility or something else.
Pär will share some reflections on responsible “responsive accessibility” and initiate a discussion about its breakpoints.

We will be serving food and drinks. Food will be vegan/vegetarian. If you have any preferences when it comes to food or drinks let us know! A private message to Ida Franceen is preferred. But if it feels complicated just put it in a comment to this meetup.

All speakers will use a microphone. The venue has a ramp to the main entrance and then an elevator for accessing the 5th floor where the meetup takes place. All presenters are asked to describe their presentations.
We are aware that accessibility issues are diverse and there might be a problem that we are not aware of. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us.

It's ok to take photos of our speakers and the things they present on stage. But please ask before taking photos of other attendees and never post anything online or elsewhere without permission.

Safety and inclusion:
We have a Code of Conduct that we expect everyone to follow. You can find it on our website: https://t12t.se/code-of-conduct/

Alla dragningar på scen kommer att vara på engelska. Om du känner dig obekväm med engelska så är du självklart välkommen ändå! Det kommer att finnas gott om människor att prata svenska med.