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13th Age
When just entering Cathedral alone is probably sacrilege, how will the party cope as they venture into the depths of religion? This game is now full, no more players can currently be accepted.

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What we're about

Welcome to Tabletop Planet

If you’re looking for a great community of avid gamers with similar interests or a way to meet up with new people and try out some roleplaying systems, then Tabletop Planet is for you. We’re very welcoming of New Members, especially those that are new the world of roleplaying, we have events just for you where you can come along, meet some of our veterans and learn the games week by week.

The most important part is that Tabletop Planet is convenient to you, allowing you to create a character and drop in and out of games at your leisure so there’s no problem if you can’t always make the games but naturally it would be better for you and your character if you could ;)

If you’re interested in coming along and seeing what we’re all about, I would highly recommend our Tuesday events, it's great for all members.

Adventure League Style

If you’re here to play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Tabletop Planet we run our very own Adventure League Style system, an entire world with a dozen or so DMs telling stories within it. This means you can create a character with us and move from game to game without any obligation to commit to the story, you could come one week, leave for a month and some back to the same character without having to start all over again.

Getting Started

All you need when attending our events is some idea of what kind of character you would like to play. If you’ve never done this before then don’t panic, our members will help guide you through the process of the game and teach you the rules and how the rolling works. Check out our discord for some pre-gen characters and a chance to ask questions of our players and DMs ( )

We have a great ratio of new members coming to play for the first time at Tabletop Planet and then consistently coming back every week to play again, so I’m sure you’ll have a great time with our events!

Any questions or queries?

Please anything you need to ask just send it on over to Toby B, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help out in any way I can!

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