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John, Heather & Joli will be presenting at our March Meetup!

There's fierce competition in 2014 for room reservations at the UP Library so we weren't able to get our usual day. To make up for it we're going to have an extra fantastic meeting! ;-)

Trading in the Zone! Learn about common pitfalls & how to become a consistent, profitable trader!

Identifying Faulty Bases! Not every base goes up 20% so learn how to spot trouble before you put your hard earned money on the line!

Understanding Relative Strength... stocks with strong relative strength often make big gains!

March Action Watchlist! – John does an incredible job sharing actionable watch list ideas!

Market Madness –Joli has become our trusted big picture guide! She breaks down recent market health & action of leaders. Then she explains how that can impact your trade results!

Peak Performance – Heather covers an depth look at tasks top traders do regularly and how you can model their success!

CanSlim Can Do! – We are so lucky to have Joli LaBissoniere continue her comprehensive review of ‘William O’Neil’s classic “How To Make Money In Stocks”! She’ll be highlighting the importance of Annual Earnings.

Five Second Motivation - a helpful & super informative book!

Rock’n Resource- We highlight an exceptional tool to help accelerate your trading success!
Announcements– The 411 on our latest local and website events for stock market enthusiasts ;-)