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Join us in June for a fun and informative Meetup! Stock wizards, newbies and all in between are welcome! And as always bring as many family members or friends as you like! We've got a great group of members! And we look forward to seeing our loyal regulars as well as new faces there!

Market Maze –Joli is our trusted big picture guide! She breaks down recent market health & action of leaders. Then she explains how that can impact your trade results! It’s a fantastic way to get in sync with the market quickly!

Signs of Accumulation - Big institutions move stocks higher not small retail investors. Heather will show how to spot the footprints of accumulation so you can put the probabilities in your favor! Cha-ching!!
June’s Jam’n Action Watchlist! – John will share actionable ideas about fundamentally & technically strong stocks to consider for your watchlist!

Peak Performance – Heather will pick up where we left off at our last meetup…looking at the next series of tasks top traders do regularly and how you can model their success! We’ll zero in on developing a low risk idea and execution.
How to Make Money in Stocks – We are so lucky to have Joli LaBissoniere continue her comprehensive review of ‘William O’Neil’s classic “How To Make Money In Stocks”! She’ll be highlighting the ‘N’ and ‘S’ in CanSlim.
How to Build a Winning Watchlist! John will show you how to create your own watchlist routine by sharing his process for finding stocks and evaluating potential candidates.
Motivation & Resource –we highlight exceptional books and tools to help accelerate your trading success!
Announcements & Events– The latest scoop on our local and website events for stock market maniacs and enthusiasts ;-)