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August's Awesome Meetup will have four members presenting! It's going to be fun and informative. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Announcement and Events– The 411 on our latest local and website events for stock market enthusiasts ;-)

Market Maze–Joli has become our trusted big picture guide! She breaks down recent market health & action of leaders. Then she explains how that can impact your trade results!
Peter Lynch's Valuation Methodology – Our newest presenter, Ron Luang, will share how Lynch beat Wall Street. He'll touch on his background, philosophy and stock metrics.
How to Make Money in Stocks – We are so lucky to have Joli LaBissoniere continue her comprehensive review of ‘William O’Neil’s classic “How To Make Money In Stocks”! She’ll be highlighting the importance of 'Supply and Demand'. It's critical to see big volume demand at key points and she'll explain why!
Fundamentals of Leading Stocks - John will take an in depth look at critical growth stock metrics and explain where these CANSLIM numbers come from.
Watch List Perspective! – We're mixing up it this month! Heather will share 3 different methodologies for building actionable watch lists! You'l find helpful ideas for technical , fundamental and "Hey I have a busy life" approaches.
Five Minute Motivation - We highlight an exceptional tool to help accelerate your trading success, a must read book or a real life trading success story.
Stock wizards, newbies and all in between are welcome! And as always bring as many family members or friends as you like! We've got a great group of members! And we look forward to seeing our loyal regulars as well as new faces there! Please RSVP so we can set up enough chairs and tables ;-)