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Learn Tai Chi Stick Form the 1st Tai Chi Weapon

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Tai Chi Stick Form Classbegins Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 8:45 a.m., and continues every Saturday thereafter.

Completion of the Tai Chi Short or Long Form is required for attendance.

Participation in the Tai Chi Stick Form Class will enhance your abilities, understanding, and experience of all your other Tai Chi forms.

We will be using the Tai Chi Stick several ways, including several individual exercises that help in increasing flexibility, balance and strength.

The Tai Chi Stick Form is a choreographed set of movements performed slowly and gently, maintaining all of the Tai Chi Principles. Indeed, the use of the stick will clarify these principles, making it much easier for you to apply the principles to your Solo Forms and everyday life.

(Once we have completed learning this Stick Form, the Two-Person Stick Form Set will be taught to reinforce and expand upon these techniques.)

Take advantage of this rarely taught form to continue your Tai Chi development.

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