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Chen Family Taijiquan for All Levels: Forms and Push Hand
* Tuition: $60/month if you attend 1 class per week, $120/month if you attend 2 classes per week. Your first class is free. Typically, 10~15 people attend on Sundays, and the class proceeds in the following order. 1. Stretching. 2. Standing Post Meditation (Zhan Zhuang). 3. Silk Reeling Exercise (Chan Si Gong) to facilitate the internal and external energy mechanics of Taiji. This may include front single arm silk reeling, side silk reeling, double hand front silk reeling. 4. Personal lesson for next step. 5. Individual or small group practice according to the student's level:3 Step Form, 7 Step Form, 19 Step Form, 38 Step Form, Old Frame Yilu, Lao Jia Erlu( Cannon Fist) New Frame Yilu Form, New Frame Erlu Form.

Lindbergh Park, San Diego, CA 92111

Lindbergh Park, San Diego, CA 92111 · San Diego, Ca


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We teach Chen Family Taijiquan (Tai Chi) the way a traditional martial art school does. It will help your physical and psychological health/balance. Stand Pole Meditation, Silk Reeling, Push Hand, Basic to Advanced Hand/Weapon Routines, Martial Art Energy.

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