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Maybe you’re new to coding. Maybe you’ve mastered a lot of its bits and pieces: loops, branches, functions, objects, and so on. But whether you’ve been programming for a week or a decade, there come times when you get stuck and don’t know how use your coding knowledge to get the result you want.

That’s what Tampa Bay Apple Coding Meetup is all about. It’s a meetup where we’ll take on a coding task — sometimes easy, sometimes a little trickier — and look at ways to take it on. And we’ll do it for an Apple device. Maybe it’ll be the iPhone or iPad, but we can do it for the Apple Watch, Apple TV, or eventually, those mixed-reality glasses rumored to be on the horizon. If you’re having trouble making the leap from learning a programming language to applying that knowledge to write working programs, this meetup is for you!

Tampa Bay Apple Coding Meetup takes this approach: We start with an idea for an app, and then attempt to write that app. Along the way, we cover the techniques and tools necessary for writing the app. 

Our mission is to help you make the leap from knowing *how to program* to knowing *how to WRITE programs*. This is a skill you can master, and you do so by learning to think like a coder! In this meetup, we’ll work together toward that goal, and sharpen our collective skills along the way.

We’re going to keep the beginner-friendly focus with this revamped meetup, but don’t let “beginner-friendly” fool you into thinking that it means “simple”! In our “beginner-friendly” classes, we rewrote the classic arcade game “Frogger”, the iPhone version of Google’s Tilt Brush, our own scaled-down version of IKEA Place, and several augmented reality and machine learning apps.

Join us, and let’s build the future! 

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