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TBDEG - Open Source and the Lakehouse with Alex Merced!

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The open data lakehouse offers those frustrated with the costs and complex pipelines of using traditional warehouses an alternative that offers performance with affordability and simpler pipelines. In this talk, we'll be talking about technologies that are making the open data lakehouse possible.

In this talk we will learn:

  • What is a data lakehouse
  • What are the components of a data lakehouse
  • What is Apache Arrow
  • What is Apache Iceberg
  • What is Project Nessie

Bio: Alex Merced is a Developer Advocate for Dremio with a history of creating content to enable developers of all types through his personal projects like, The Web Dev 101 Podcast, and the DataNation podcast. Alex Merced has been a developer with companies like Crossfield Digital, CampusGuard, GenEd Systems and others along with being an Instructor for General Assembly Bootcamps.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Tampa Bay Data Engineering Group
Tampa Bay Data Engineering Group
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