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They Don’t Want Some of You to Vote

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To Thinkers Intending to Vote:

As we head to November 7 and hopefully a temporary end to the 24/7 mind numbing media explosions and the poll-a-minute stupidity of this thing we continue to call an election, we need to consider the real dynamics that have changed greatly for this particular election.

We will consider far and away the most important of these for the October thinker meeting.

Of course we have the massive influx of moneys from billionaires that are not even vaguely hiding their desire to buy this election cycle or even worse our democracy forever. And we have a hideous court decision that has opened the floodgates for this. Then there is the reality that there is almost no reality in any of the nonsense syllables coming from our proposed political leadership. Of course there is the idiocy of our brainless news media that just wants a horse race to cover and doing whatever they can to keep it close in the name of selling media time. And on and on.

At the moment I write this the ‘polls’ are pointing to one side pulling ahead slightly in the Presidential race. It is the side the billionaires hate. So things must be mitigated.

For October, we will discuss how those with the money are trying very hard to make it difficult if not impossible for selected people to vote. We all know that when you analyze the 2000 election and look at all of the what-ifs that would have made Gore president, the one that has stuck out was that at least 1000 black voters were turned away from the polls in Duval County, FL because of the Jeb Bush/Katherine Harris voter purge. We will discuss how efforts in at least 31 states are trying to do this in many varied ways that will keep hundreds of times more people, strategically selected people, from voting this time.

And if it works, it doesn’t matter who is leading in the polls at the moment.

And as we consider how the very awful efforts to fix the vote this time, we will also consider that America has never wanted everyone to vote.

Maybe it is just in our nature.

Please come and contribute to thinking our way through this and maybe out of it if you really want us to fix the fix. I know some of you don’t.

Dale F
Head the Dork