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What we’re about

Run marathons? Ride your bike 50 miles at a time?
This isn't your meetup.

Sit at a computer most of the week and need an easy way to get some exercise?
Welcome home!

Remember recess from grade school? Yeah, we miss it too! So for those of us who work full time jobs during the week and don't get too much exercise, well... we're BRINGING RECESS BACK. In the evenings and weekends, give yourself a well-deserved break from work, and come out to play!

If you're looking to have fun every other week with people from the area and get a little exercise in the process, you'll find yourself right at home here. Welcome!


Flag Football Rules

If you do not have the time to read the rules, there is no room in this group for you. We want everyone to be informed and play safe. Everyone that has been approved for this group has also read these rules!


- Only those on the RSVP list have spots reserved. If you are on the waitlist, you are standby only.  Do not just show up and expect to play.  If we have 24 players (16 RSVP's and 8 waitlist) signed up, we will open up the game the morning of at 8AM for everyone to play. If we have 23 players of less at 8AM, we will only allow the 16 RSVP's to play.

- If you are on the waitlist, please check the lineup to see if the game has been opened up to everybody, this will happen at 8AM. If you are unable to make the game please cancel your reservation before 8AM, even if you were only on the waitlist.

- No shows are not acceptable! If you cannot make the game, please change your RSVP so someone else can have your spot. No shows will result in removal from the group.

- The first game starts at 9AM. Please be at the field dressed, stretched out, and ready to go at that time, not just pulling into the parking lot. If you are not at the field when teams are picked, you will sit out the entire game and if there is someone available to play at that time you will forfeit your spot for the entire day.  This is done help start the games on time as well as a courtesy to everyone that shows up on time.

- Games are usually played to 3 until the last game which is played to 5.  Typically, we will play 3 or 4 games per meetup, with water breaks in between.

- One team will be red, one team will be non-red. There are red pinnies available. If you do not want to wear a pinney, make sure to have a red shirt and a non-red shirt to wear based upon your team for each game. Keep in mind that one game you may be red and the following you may not be red, so make sure to always have a non-red shirt available.

- Teams will be divided before the beginning of each game. We will try to play with no less than 5 on 5, no more than 8 on 8. Less than 5 on 5 is not usually fun and more than 8 on 8 is too crowded. If we have enough people (typically 24 or more), we will play two games concurrently.  Check the rsvp list at 8:05AM the day of the even to see if you are listed as "Going".  If you are listed as going you have a spot, if you are still on the waitlist, you do NOT have a spot.

- We do not start a game after 11AM. We will finish the game currently being played if it extends beyond 11AM.

-  Guest spots are for out of town visitors, or people just giving the group a try.  A guest that has been here for a few games needs to join the group and manage his or her own reservations.  

Team Selections:

- For individuals asked to be a captain to pick teams, the first captain gets one pick and the second captain will get the following two picks. If there are to be two games concurrently, the picks will be ladder style for the entire selection.

- Each team will receive an equal number of possessions, barring a turnover. So if the game is played to 3 and the first team scores on its first three drives, the game is not over, the second team has an opportunity to even the score. The game is then played to 4, 5, 6...

Field Details:

- The field size is 70% length (70 yard field, 7 yard endzone) with the width being determined by the number of players. There is one first down at the center line.

- To determine if someone is beyond the end-line/first-down-line/out-of-bounds, one cannot be in front of one cone and not another! A straight line between the closest two cones is drawn and the person is on one side or the other of that line.

Rules of the game:

- WE PLAY NO CONTACT FLAG FOOTBALL! That means we do not allow tackling, pass interference, illegal contact, or contact blocking.

- We will not kick-off the ball at the start of the game or after scoring. The offense will get the ball at the 1 yard line to start a possession.

- The defense has 1 blitz per 4 downs.

- The defense can cross the line of scrimmage after counting to 7 Mississippi without using its blitz. If teams are not even, the team with more players must throw the ball before the defense counts to "7 Mississippi, Dead!"

- QB can only run if a defender crosses the line of scrimmage.

- If the QB laterals or hands off the ball, the defense can immediately cross the line of scrimmage without using a blitz.

- Fumbles are not live. If the ball is stripped or fumbled the player is down where the ball left his/her hands or touched the ground, whichever is further back.

- Tackling is unacceptable! If tackled, tackled players team gets a fresh set of downs, if constant or intentional you will be asked to leave.

- One foot in bounds is required for a completion.

- A player may get up and run after falling to the ground. The defense can down this player while he/she is on the ground by touching him/her.

- A player is marked at the spot his/her FLAGS were pulled and NOT where the ball was when the flag was pulled.

- If a player loses a flag while running he will be 1 hand touch.

- If sacked in the end zone this results in a turn over, no points are awarded.

- There will be only 1 forward pass per play. Multiple forward passes will result in loss of down.

- The intended receiver of either a pass or lateral may be deflagged immediately after first touching the ball – even while fumbling or bobbling the ball before possession is established. That receiver will be considered downed at the point he was deflagged.

- If both sides agree that pass interference has occurred the ball will be spotted at the spot of the foul. If both sides cannot agree it will be a redo of play.

- To protect the Quarterback from hand and arm injuries, if a defender hits the QB's arm while throwing, a first down will be awarded. A subsequent first down is now available at the midfield line as well.

- Teams should be ready to enter the ball into play within 45 seconds of the end of the previous play.

- We do not allow contact blocking, but players may screen block. This means you are allowed to stand still in place to create an obstacle for the defense.

- When a ball is intercepted the intercepting team will have four downs to score a touchdown. Crossing the midfield line will not grant a first down. The exception to this is if the intercepting player downs the ball in the endzone. His/her team will then be able to get a first down and the midfield line.

- Other rules are typical to Flag football such as no flag guarding.

- Both offense and defense can make foul calls. All players should respect and not argue over each other’s calls. An organizer will resolve any disputes.

- From time to time a pant leg or shirt will be grabbed rather than a flag, the player must immediately let go of the article of clothing. If not immediately released, the result will be a first down at the spot of the foul. If on the defensive side of the field, another first down is available at half field, regardless if the possession was "4 Hard".

- For all unsure or questionable plays not covered by the rules in this guide, the play will be explained and the play will be a do over. The rule will also be added to this list. ***Please use this passage to answer the membership question.***

- If there are any times that an agreement cannot be made it will be a redo of a play. Scott, Wade, and Kristina will decide on questionable calls if a redo is not enough for both sides.

- This is a physical game and at time people become passionate about what they are playing. If anyone makes aggressive remarks, gestures or actions to another member he or she will be asked to leave the field.

- There are no players allowed to play under 18 years old. Please understand this before coming out. If you bring a person under the allowable age they will not be allowed to play at all. This group is created for adults.

- It is very hot during the summer months. Please remember to stay hydrated and bring water for yourself as well as anyone that may have forgotten to bring some.


2020-10-02, There is still a lot of confusion regarding reservations.  Here are the bullet points:

1)  You really do not need to worry about the number of people signed up, I will open up the event to two games if we have enough people.  Just check meetup at 8:05AM the day of the event, if you are listed as "Going" you have a spot.  If you do not want to check in the morning, please cancel your reservation, sleep-in and sign up earlier for the next game.

2)  If you are on the waitlist, you do NOT have a spot.  If you come out to the field you will most likely be sitting the entire day on the sidelines.

3)  Expect teams to be picked at 9AM sharp.  If not at the field and ready to play at 9:01AM you will be considered a no-show and your reservation forfeited.  Multiple no-shows will result in removal from the group.

4)  If you cannot be available to play (even if you are on the waitlist) cancel your reservation by 8AM the morning of the game at the very latest so someone else has enough time to make it to the game.

5)  Anyone that has played with us more than twice needs to join the group and manage his/her own reservations.

I hope this clears things up.  See you Saturday.