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    Hello, I'm Lindy Johnson, Tampa resident. It is more important than ever to know what is going on in our government. Your liberty today could be gone tomorrow. Join Tampa 912 and make a difference.
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    I am concerned with what is happening to this country. We have been asleep while the Progressives have been taking over. We must act now to save our Freedoms!
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    A tidal wave is coming to the shores of this nation. I fear that it cannot be stopped. But I think that I must go to the water's edge and do what I can to slow its destructive arrival. Though it be in vain, I feel a solemn obligation to at least try.
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    Having recently moved from the Great Conservative State of Texas we are looking for like minded people.
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    The Tampa 912 Project is committed to our Constitutional founding and ensuring our family's, friends' and neighbors' voices are heard! Join our effort!
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