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Beginner Sessions cancelled for tonight! We have had a loss in our family and our grief is such that it just isn't possible to have guests tonight. I apologize for the late notice, but I really thought I could do this today. My mother in law is being buried today at Golden Gate National Cemetery, and though I am not with my husband in California, I am still grieving on my own here in Tampa. Please forgive me and I promise I will be ready for everyone on the next meetup. But for tonight, I think it's best if I just sit quietly and talk with my husband via the phone. Thank you all for your understanding!

Beginner Sessions in South Tampa!

Love Songs for our February Theme: Jazz Chords!!!!

You Do Something To Me Tenor C Tuneing Baritone Tuning Music

Just The Way You Look Tonight Tenor C Tuning Baritone Tuning Music

(as always, you will warm up with two chord songs with strum instruction.)

New Beginner Sessions Page posted on the Blog for past Sessions. Charts are now available on that page from the 1st Session on Transposing. More to come. Follow this link directly to the page for catching up!

Directions to my house and information on the gate code are listed below the song list at the bottom of Requirements, under section 6!

REQUIREMENTS: 1st Timers, please read!

1. Shopping List: You MUST get a tuner for Ukulele at either Sam Ash, Guitar Center, or some mom and pop music store. I also want you to invest in a Banjo/mandolin Capo. You will get a 10% discount at Sam Ash in Clearwater if you mention TBUS. Bring the tuner and capo to the meet up! Print out your music that is listed below and bring that with you to the session. Bring a small music stand to place your music on.

2. Go to to the ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS page. Scroll down to the first video and tune your UKULELE with that video, (or use one of the links below to tune up) then go through the first three or four videos to learn the basic chords. These are valuable lessons and you need to come prepared to these sessions with at least these basics. I review the basic chords on each session, but if you consistently practice with these videos that Chile Monster has allowed me to post, you will move much quicker through the jams and sessions.

3. Then, the night before our meet up, please check your tuning again. Here are links to tuner sites if you still haven't bought a tuner. These sites are helpful, but you will be tuning by ear. or you can use .

4. This will expedite our tuning time and help us move through the sessions covering more material. If you come unprepared, you are welcome to sit in, watch and listen, but I will not be able to stop the session to teach these very basic steps, as we have new players each Wednesday and we'd never move forward otherwise. So, help out your fellow meet up partners and come prepared with the above mentioned skills and items. You will learn so much more that way!

5. The songs listed below are on Dr Ukes site or they are at top of Meetup under section titled MORE, click on that then FILE. . On Dr Ukes site You can print both the Chord song page as well as the non diagram page in both C Tuning for Tenor etc or you can Go directly to his site and click on the BAR sign next to the song for Baritone tuning. We will review the past songs in each session as well as jamming on a few easy ones to "EASE the tension" lol of learning all these chords.

Directions to my house and information on the gate code are listed below the song list!

Prior Session Lists

January Billy Joel Songs see File Section

December Christmas Songs see File Section

Nov 20th Session

Maggie May see file at top of meetup under MORE, print song
Those Were The Days Dr Ukes site:
song link to hear how it goes:

Nov 6 Session
Drift Away see file under section at top titled MORE, print song
Miles and Miles of Texas see file, print song
October 23rd Session
All My Loving :
Song player :
The Best Of My Love :
song player :
October 9th Session
City Of New Orleans Key of C on Dr Ukes site.
September 25th Session
Ain't Misbehavin, Key of C on Dr. Ukes site
September 11 Session
By The Sea, Key of G on Dr Ukes site
August 28th Session
Ain't She Sweet, Key of C on Dr Ukes site
August 14th Session
Review and Tuning issue. This session brought about the Requirements, which has since proven to move everyone forward in ease.
July 31st Session
Alexanders Ragtime Band Key of C on Dr Ukes site:
Alexanders Ragtime Band will be transposed in session to key of A!
I will hand out some pages on the number system as well so that you can practice this method at home!
6. Directions and Information to get into the Gated community.
Homes Of Regency Cove 4851 West Gandy Blvd. (Sunset 15) , Tampa, Fl. 33611.
The Gate Code is 043 When you come to the call box, just hit 043. Do NOT hit the pound sign, just hit the code 043. That code rings my phone and I will buzz you in. My phone number is 941-580-4160 in case you get lost.
When you enter through the gate, go straight down to the tall statue and make a left. Then come down that street, (Sunset) and park in the parking lot by the water. Walk back to the house. Number 15. See you Wednaesday!
From Tampa Side:,+Sunset+15,+Tampa,+FL&hl=en&sll=27.907058,-82.580109&sspn=0.164744,0.338173&geocode=FVd4qgEdlccU-w%3BFRSsqQEdrLYU-ylJEltGJd3CiDHiDidIZsY-qg&t=h&z=13
From St Pete:,+FL&daddr=4851+W+Gandy+Blvd,+Tampa,+FL&hl=en&ll=27.833308,-82.583542&spn=0.164857,0.338173&sll=27.773056,-82.64&sspn=0.329896,0.676346&geocode=FYDIpwEdgAMT-ylBqjppY-bCiDH_i9S8A0DMBA%3BFUWsqQEdvrYU-ymPXGFGJd3CiDGqIgk032iVgA&t=h&z=12


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