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Permaculture Design Certificate Course at Sustainable Kashi Yoga Ashram

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Permaculture Design Certificate Course
March 15-26, 2013
Learn to design your life to be regenerative and abundant at a beautiful 80 acre yoga retreat and ashram on Florida’s East Coast.
Explore beautifully landscaped meditation pools, morning yoga and meditation, hiking in abundant greenery, the Sebastian River ecosystem, healthy, organic meals, and experiencing an all denominational intentional community
Environmental stewardship
Sustainable design techniques
Organic gardening
Grow more food with less work by working with nature
Edible landscape design
Soil building
Freshwater/wastewaster management
Greywater and rainwater catchment
Bioswale building
Food forests
Agroforestry and ecoagriculture
Composting and vermicomposting
Alternative pest management
Urban and rural sustainable living strategies
Natural Building
Retrofitting the urban environment – your home, your community
Best forms of sustainable energy
Appropriate technology
Successful careers in permaculture
Sustainable economies
Regional/Local Community Revitalization
With the full 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course.

What is permaculture?
Permaculture really starts with an ethic or earthcare, understood as care of whole systems of earth & species. So we actually devise model systems. Much of the design is drawn from nature. The end result that we aim for, is to produce a system that is ecologically sound & economically profitable. It can get sophisticated or be as simple as you like.
1. Permanent Agriculture, the requirement for a permanent culture
2. An ethical philosophy of earthcare & peoplecare supported by the distribution of surplus goods; wealth, labor, attention, information
3. The condition of abundance in nature marked by cooperation, diversity of species, occupation of essential ecological niches, & stability over time, in contrast to the conditions of competition, scarcity, monotony, &^ imminent decay which predominate under hierarchical social conditions.
4. A productive system of human design based on maximal beneficial connections between the elements thereof.
5. A global grassroots movement for self-reliance, community responsibility, decentralization of social, political, economic, & technical authority.
6. The demonstrated & replicated teaching & techniques thereof.
7. Interactive, recombinant ecologies marked by elegance of principle, efficiency of function, appropriateness of form, & astonishing beauty.
8. Maximum satisfaction of needs for all living beings employing the minimum area of built space with a high density & quality of biological information. ~ Bill Mollison
Permaculture is conscious design of sustainable human systems of any size or complexity, from the backyard to watershed and beyond. Permaculture works with nature, rather than against her, to increase abundance and long-term survival potential for humans and for other life forms. Permaculture is the art and design of conscious living for the greater good. ~ Koreen Brennan

Kashi Ashram
11155 Roseland Road
Sebastian, Florida 32958
Florida’s East Coast N of Palm Beach
Camping on site included, or enjoy shared or private ashram rooms for extra cost.
All spiritual beliefs are respected and honored at this site.
$1350, including meals prepared by a master chef, and free camping
$1200 early bird rate, including meals and camping, before Jan 31, 2013
Field trips, hands on learning, networking opportunities, special film showings, and more.

For more information, contact Bob
Lawrason at [masked] or[masked]
Limited seating, a deposit will hold your seat for the full class. Payment plans offered. To register, just push the PayPal button on the right hand side of this web page . We also accept checks; contact Bob for more info. [masked] or[masked]
Deposits and payments are non-refundable and will be applied toward future courses and services only.
Koreen Brennan is lead instructor.
See bio here: and click on the Bio tab
Stay tuned for more info regarding more expert instructors, field trips, and activities.

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