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Saturday March 23rd: Online Marketing Workshop On Clearwater Beach

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7 Full-Time Online Entrepreneurs
Present A "Zero Pitch", Hands-On, Interactive
Full Day Workshop On The Beach

Would you find it valuable to have 7 successful, full-time internet entrepreneurs sit down, in a small, private setting, and help YOU with YOUR goals online?

And, you don't have to get on a plane to get there. You don't have to listen to the speakers talk for 5 minutes then pitch you on some expensive product to buy.

All speakers are local Tampa Bay residents - all making full-time livings online.

Join the Tampa Bay Beach Mastermind on March 23rd at the beautiful and relaxing Hilton Resort on Clearwater Beach.

This full day intensive is entended for bloggers and online entrepreneurs of all levels who want the inside track of how to develop the mindset, skills, strategies and tactics that are required to succeed online today.

This full day intensive will feature 7 Guest Speakers, all of who are currently running successful full time online businesses in coaching, marketing, blogging, software and even online aviation!

No matter what your niche you'll walk away from this event with powerful insights, strategies and tactics to improve your approach to developing a REAL business online. ( <


Featured Guest Speakers and

Topics To Be Covered:

David Risley - 6 Figure Blogger

Strategic Blogging: How To Avoid The Mistakes Most People Make Without Even Knowing It Tony Teegarden - The Coach to the Coaches

The eBook is Dead: How to Position You, Your Business or your Blog and Charge Top Dollar For Services Without Even Having a Product JR Griggs - Marketer

Timeless Authority – Writing a Book from Start to Finish to increase your online authority Ashley Schappert - Website Design & Marketing

Blog/Website Design Secrets: Increased Visitor Conversion for your website or blog Ryan Magin - Affiliate & Celebrity Marketer

How To Make 6 Figures By Giving Away Free Stuff…(Part 2) Kyle Graham - Software Developer & Marketer

Viral Marketing - Increase your website visitors exponentially Idea to Implementation in 10 Minutes: Software Franklin Cruz - Serial Entrepreneur

Step by Step Guide on a PROVEN Facebook strategy to increase your Fanpage followers and make more sales =========================

There will be intensive training and interaction along with Hot Seats for those willing to put themselves on the line and allow whatever barriers they have to be broken through.

Do you have a challenge in mindset around a certain topic that's been holding you back? Allow us to help you smash through it.

How valuable would it be to not just experience a hot seat, but to see others go through it as well! You get to learn from their experiences too!

We even have a Q&A pannel planned for you to ask questions at the end of the day so no stone is left unturned.

I'm IN! How Do I Get Started?

There is currently only room for 19 serious people who are committed to growing their blogs and online businesses at this one time event.

You can secure your full day spot for only $97 (per person)

That's 8 hours of training, interaction, Q&A and hot seats to help you grow beyond where you are now in your online business or blog to where you want to be.

You can either purchase your seat here on or head over to (

Special VIP Option

We're making VIP availability to only 5 people (1 slot has already been purchased)

So what do you receive as a Special VIP?

Paid Parking (parking is otherwise $5.00 for the day) You get access to each of the speakers slides from that day Private Dinner with the speakers on Clearwater Beach - (Dinner Included) Get your special questions answered specific to your business with all 7 Speakers in a private setting on the beach! You get Free Access to our video archive of speaker recordings for our Tuesday night group from January 2013 to December of 2013. There are only 4 VIP slots available and this email is going out to over 900 people.

VIP slots are only $197: You have to head over to ( and click on the VIP Package button on the front page. You Cannot Purchase VIP Access on After 5 participants purchase, there will be no more available due to the intimacy of that nights interaction.

*VIP purchase - dinner for one is included

What Will Your Choice Be?

Can this event shave off years of learning curve for you and your blog or online business? ABSOLUTELY.

How much is it worth to you to save time, money and increase results by bridging that gap quickly? Is it worth more than $97 to you?

It should be!

Imagine bridging the gap of where you are with your blog or online business to where you want to be in a far lesser time than if you go it on your own.

Invest in yourself and your outcomes by attending.

So go ahead and get registered below and we look forward to seeing you on the beach at the relaxing Hilton on Clearwater Beach! (