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Tap into the future you would love to live and transform your current reality by envisioning an exciting, healthy and joyful new experience and using EFT Tapping to make it happen. It’s all possible and far more likely when you clear the subconscious reasons for your current equilibrium. Get where you’re going today by Tapping into the Law of Attraction to feel the bliss, freedom and fulfilment of the life that is waiting for you to embrace it.

Tapping, also called Emotional Freedom Technique, is a potent holistic technique that addresses the subconscious mind to balance thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs, to empower you to face challenges with clarity and certainty and move through them into peace, ease and wholeness. Like acupuncture, tapping works with the body’s natural energy pathways to unblock the energy system and create flow, such that you experience more harmony in your body, mind and spirit, as well as with your environment.

EFT employs percussive tapping on acupressure points with the fingers, to release negative energy and stress from the body and mind, so that your natural positivity shines through and magnetises what you do want. EFT resets the nervous system, while gentle coaching uncovers and resolves the deepest causes of issues, and rewires the neurology, such that you come to believe in new, more rewarding and life-sustaining possibilities. As motivational author, Denis Waitley said, “we don’t get what we want, we get what we expect”. Tapping therefore connects your deepest feelings and beliefs with your heart’s desires and clearest vision, such that your words and actions align with physical reality to make things happen.

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